Friday 17th April 2009

What a week, even it if was only four working days. I now found myself very late on a Friday with 167 things to do before I go to bed. However I feel I should write a quick blog roundup mainly because there is so much going on this weekend I doubt I will find another window. So where do I start, I better consult the few notes I made on Wednesday night. Tuesday was very busy in the office and I ended up staying until 8pm to get some work done. The domino effect being that I missed out on the start of the Chelsea Liverpool match on ITV1. Not to worry but I was just a little annoyed as it meant my TV viewing schedule took a little hit but never mind, I made up for it over the course of the week. So late on Tuesday night I made some food and watched The Big Bang Theory and then Chuck, followed by highlights from the Champions League matches on ITV1. Then just time for some Newsnight before going to bed. I read my book a little before drifting off to sleep at midnight. Wednesday was a new day and a new dawn. The start of my new weight training regime and gym sessions in the morning. I pulled into the gym car park at quarter past six in the am. I reflected on having to drag myself out of bed around 5.35am to get some breakfast, get ready before heading down. There were quite a few people here already and a queue had formed inside the main entrance. About six people eager to get in, I was pleasantly surprised and it filled up quickly over the half hour I was there. There was only one person on the free weights so I had free roam over most of the kit and got my back and triceps programme completed before heading for a shower and then driving back to the flat. It was a good feeling that I was able to get the gym session in first thing in the morning. More so today, as in the evening I was heading straight over to Bournemouth to catch the second leg of Arsenal versus Villareal with Steve. I was in a meeting and clock watching. I got out around twenty to six and headed out the door as soon as I could. I got a text from Steve that he had lost his phone. No wonder he had not replied to my last two text messages. I tried to called but it went through to Tesco Mobile voicemail, so instead I decided to call him at his flat. He was there but by the time we spoke I was back at my flat and just checking it was okay to head down to the south coast.It was his girlfriend’s birthday (which typically he had totally forgotten) but he was still going to watch the match. Initially I was going to just stay in Newbury but he convinced me to head down and I did. It was after I had been driving for about fifteen minutes that I got some text messages. He had changed his mind and was going to go out for a meal with Toni instead. I called Steve back but got voicemail again, left a message to explain I was going to turn around and head back to Newbury. The next exit was about six miles away according to TomTom and I was already planning in my head to get some food before heading down to the Hogshead. Then about a mile down the road Steve called and just told me to head down. I wanted to double check this time and he was totally fine with it and I put my foot on the gas. I had left my flat at 18:21 and got into the Richmond Gardens multistory car park at 19:22. Not bad going for a Wednesday night, the traffic had been moderate. The journey itself is not that bad, A43 to M3 then M27 before an A road which takes you right into Bournemouth. I parked in the perfect place and headed into town. I slowly got my bearings, after all, I had been here over the August Bank Holiday Weekend. It felt strange being back and seeing Steve again. We headed to the pub, firstly to Yates (this is where I had watched the Arsenal Newcastle game back in August but it was now closed for refurbishment. So we headed up the road to Bar Vin. They were showing the Arsenal game but on a small screen. The main screen was showing the FC Port ManYoo match. I got the drinks in and Steve found us a spot right underneath the television. Match reports can be read at the Cannon or even the Beeb. Great match and good atmosphere in the pub, it made a good change to be somewhere new to watch the match. Excellent performance and brilliant result. Bring on the Red Devils. However, now it is all eyes on Wembley for the semi final against local rivals Chelsea. Hopefully I will find time to watch the match in between activities tomorrow. I dropped Steve off back to his flat and then drove back home to Newbury, it took about fifty minutes with me arriving around 23:11. Although I should have gone straight to sleep, I could not resist a little time on the computer, just to check my e-mail. My friend Kev gets married on the 8th May and tomorrow is the Stag do. It has taken some organising, most of it last minute by the best man Jez. He called me on Wednesday lunchtime to just say hello and confirm that it was still planned for the weekend even though dropouts had meant the original venue of Digger Land had changed. We are now going on Bushcraft Survival Course during the day and then out in Brighton in the evening. The logistics mean that Pav is picking me up in about seven hours time (the time is 0:25 as I type this), so I should really be in bed already. However, I have not packed anything or sorted anything out yet, so I feel it will be another early wake up call or I may just not bother going to sleep at all. My weekend had two distinct start points, the first was when I put on my mp3 player on, as I started to run out of my cul-de-sac. With a burst of energy I headed into Victoria Park. The song I was listening to was Release Me by Agnes. I had heard it before on Scott Mills on Thursday 9th April, as I was driving out of the gym car park for my drive back to Wycombe but only caught the last few verses. A great dance song and ideal for my run. I wanted to cover around five miles but only managed 4.5 (according to Google Maps) but it was in a steady 41 minutes 34 seconds. Not bad and I did not feel that bad at the end, I even thought I could go faster. I need to go out again next week and actually start pushing myself much much harder. I need to complete six miles within the hour which is possible but it will not be easy. The second start of my weekend was when TMF played Lose By Breathe by Destiny’s Child. I knew my weekend had started but I just do not know what is in store for the next forty eight hours or so. I watched GREEK on Thursday night and as usual Dale got a classic line but I have to say with my current predicament I do feel that there is a lot of truth behind what Rusty says. It is with that dialogue I leave you on his Friday night (now Saturday morning). Hope you have a great weekend. Hopefully try and post again on Sunday. I will also try and send mobile tweets, so just follow me on Twitter. Rusty: “I just don’t get how easy it is for some guys, like all they have to do is exist and they get the girl!” Dale: “It’s a gift but heavy is the crown too!”

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