Friday 16th August 2002

What a week! Personally, I am glad that it is over, but Monday morning will be staring us in the face before we blink. But I should not be putting a dampener on things! Its Friday! Its the weekend! ;o) So overall, the week flew by. There was various reasons for this. I was extremely busy, I had music to keep me going. Plus also I posted some messages on forums to get advice and guidance. Although, I had hated the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. It has suddenly reinvented itself with Scott Mills at the helm. I have enjoyed his humour, choice of music and general chit chat. A great feature, has been the Bootie Call, which has had me smiling on my way to work! But Sara Cox, is back on Tuesday, so I only have one more show to enjoy on Monday.

With regards, to the website, you may have noticed that the recent photographs added to the Photos page have failed to load. I looked into this during the week but could only deduce that I had reached my web space limit. I will compress the files down and try and upload them now. Hopefully, the will be visible from today onwards. I haven’t really added much else, a few extra links. But perhaps over the weekend, I may find some inspiration from somewhere and get working on it.

The Premiership starts tomorrow, and I am looking forward to it! Arsenal playing Birmingham City on Sunday afternoon, plus Aston Villa versus Liverpool, the lunchtime game. Fantastic! It is a shame that the ITV programme has to be on at 10.30pm. I just hope it can be better quality than last season. I remember watching the first programme, how quickly the time passes. One year rolls into the next.

The King of Rock & Roll, Elvis Presley, passed away 25 years ago today. It is amazing how that I would be born four years later, but this one man, would have achieved a godlike status, even before his death.

This will not be my only update over the weekend, I will try to get on again by Sunday. Enjoy your weekend, but save yourself for the Bank Holiday weekend that is just around the corner.

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