Friday 12th December 2008

A strange Friday and as my previous post clearly indicates a strange disjointed week. So much so, that I went to the gym this evening to complete my cardio programme. As I could not go on Wednesday, even though I had every intention, if I had got back to my flat by 9pm, instead of 10pm. Yesterday I opted to do my weights programme and end the week with a good session on the bike, cross-trainer and treadmill. Not sure if there is anything worth mentioning then I recall some of the events at the beginning of the week. My expectations were raised but it was difficult on this occasion not to have false hope. I expected much better results but something is better than nothing. Well is it? It is worth nothing if the person does not even have the courtesy to reply. I had considered what I would do in such circumstances and it was very much a suck it and see approach. I have spent too long explore quite ridged avenues and I agree that I must widen my search but no necessary make any change to the criteria. I suppose I have to confess that this set back, coming so soon after the setback on my birthday is a bitter pill to swallow. The most difficult thing to take on board is the lack of progress. I may not be where I want to be but I do not feel I have actually moved anywhere along the road on this journey. I agree that I spend too much time thinking about this subject but it is difficult as with his passing disappointment, you effectively have to go back to the drawing board and start again. While I was at the gym, I watch Chart Show TV (as I usually do, unless there is some worthwhile breaking news on Sky) and noticed a new video come on from Shontelle. A great song and fantastic video. I really get the feeling that talented female singers are bred in Barbados. The chorus is so infectious, and a trip over to Wikipedia reveals that she wrote the dance hall classic “Roll It Gal” for British born Alison Hinds. While on the treadmill I saw the video for One Step At A Time by Jordin Sparks. The lyrics or a line in particular got me thinking, even though the main verses are complete contradictions. “There’s no need to rush, It’s like learning to fly, Or falling in love”. I am trying not to be in such a hurry but it is difficult to just sit around and wait. Weekend plans? Away from The X Factor, not much! JLS to win and if not them (unlikely) I would like Alexandra to take the title. I have a piano lesson on Sunday but as usual I have done zero practice and will get a telling off from my tutor no doubt. I am actually looking forward to a weekend of nothingness. After three weekends on the bounce of having to be somewhere at some specific time. Next weekend I will be back in Wycombe and I am actually still debating whether to go to Reading for my Christmas party (among friends) as I have Aiden’s Christening first thing on Sunday morning. Only one more week, yes five more days of work to go.

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