Wednesday 23rd April 2003

A mid-week update to keep you all amused, until the weekend! 🙂 Very hectic weekend coming up, well the next two weekends are extremely hectic! So, I think I may not even be able to update the site, until next Wednesday. But I’m sure I can make time on Sunday.

Just finished watching the titles for Doc Hollywood, on Five. Now this must be at least the fifth time, I have seen the movie on the terrestrial channel, but its not the film that makes it so special. It’s not even the fact that it stars by ‘hero’ Michael J. Fox. It’s because of the title credit song, “The One & Only” by Chesney Hawkes. Now, for those of you whom remember, this ‘pop idol’ from 1991 (some 12 years ago!) your reaction will be to throw your monitor out of the windows, disconnect your modem and banish my website from your Favourites forever! Indeed, you may say why, WHY do I like this ‘one-hit wonder’. Correction, if you check the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles, you will find that Mr. C. Hawkes has three entries. Yep, THREE! Then people say to me, often “Andrew” why do you surround yourself with such ‘failures’. Indeed, another of my ‘interests’, if we can call it that. Is the DMC-12, or DeLorean Sports coupé. (Yet another Michael J. Fox connection!) I feel that sort of judgement is ill founded. Indeed, I feel I do perhaps surround myself with the ‘wrong’ kind of success. But then, can success be wrong or right? I will have to be really big headed and say, “Only God can judge me….”

Not much to report really. I’ve updated my Audio page, with the latest version of my MP3 database. Includes all my albums. Talking of music, in my car over the past week, I have listened to quite a mixture of music. I was aimlessly, listening to Win AMP and allowed it to ‘shuffle’ my “noughties” collection and soon the sounds of a ultra cool band filled my room. It was Liberty X and their song Doin’ It from their album, “Thinking It Over”. I made this an ideal opportunity to make yet another MP3 CD, but a full complete album of “Pure Pop”. The other artist? Well, I didn’t think about it much, but it was the former Go Go girl, Berlinda Carlisle.

I feel, my music collection is in need of a Club Mix album. As much as I want to use the CDA format, I feel that only MP3 can do the number of tracks to CD ratio, any good. Plus, I have so many dance/trance tracks that I want, its at least 100 tracks and counting at the moment.

Take care for now. Not much else to add to my ‘blog’ at the moment. I’m still waiting for some of my boyz, to update their web blogs. Well I say boyz, but I’m talking about the MAIN man, Sipz! 🙂

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