Sunday 29th June 2008

Reinstalls always take longer than you think. I scheduled in a few hours bit it took most of the afternoon. Starting at midday and being back up and running around 4pm. (You can read my updates via Twitter). I had hoped to wash my car in the sunshine but opted to just go and vacuum the interior at 5pm before jumping back on the computer. Plans to go and see Wanted at the new Cineworld at Eden also went out the window as my sister went out to see a friend. During my installation I came over several hurdles. Firstly my Product ID was rejected, so I went back and reformatted the drive and used my XP SP2 nlite deployed install CD from November last year (I had made a CD for a colleague and opted to keep a copy for myself). This failed as well, so I had no choice but to go back to one of my first XP SP2 CDs which I had slipstreamed the service pack myself manually following instructions online. Once I finally got up and running I manually upgraded to Service Pack 3 which took a while. Then I had to begin reloading software drivers before switching over to my notepad which had a list of all my applications. I have decided to install items on as I need them basis. So therefore I was a bit a miss on Saturday evening on what to do. I have moved most of my movies onto my portable hard drive, to save space on my media drive. The options were Planet Terror or watching High School U.S.A. (again) I decided to watch Planet Terror, hoping it would be better than Death Proof. I was disappointed, just another slasher movie, so I gave up after sixty minutes. Then I went through the CD spindles I have on my desk. My uni friend, Darren had sent me a collection of movies spanning several discs three years ago but I had only watched handful, so I decided to watch one of them. The Butterfly Effect starring Aston Kutcher. I remember seeing the trailers but never got around to watching the movie, even when it appeared on Sky. I was slightly apprehensive. I recalled a scene from the trailer and hoped this was not be a horror movie. It is a genre I dislike the most. Time travel is one of my favourite themes for movies and I really enjoyed the various twists and turns on this fantasy adventure. Kutcher was surprising good in his first true ‘acting’ role rather than the teen comedies I have seen him in the past. I would highly recommend the movie to you. There was a direct to DVD sequel but it is unrelated to the original. However, only worth watching if you are in the mood for a thinking / emotional film rather than one where you can dump your brain outside. A rather poor performing at the box office when released it has over recent years become a cult classic as more and more people have watched it on DVD. Until now at 16:51, I have been very much on the go. Gym this morning at 7.40am, then piano lesson at 11am. I got home at 2pm and decided to wash my car. However, as I got outside, it was overcast and the signs were there. It was going to rain. So I went back inside and decided to get some food, as I finished I looked outside and the sun was out. I leaped off the sofa, I had to make the most of this window. I went out there and started. It was 14:45pm and I finished at 16:15pm. Getting slightly quicker but the car was not that dirty, but needed a clear. It now is sparkling in the afternoon sunshine! Completed my third book of the reading revival middle of last week. Animal Farm by George Orwell is fantastic story based on Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union. The imagery at the end of the short story is absolutely amazing and a true reflection in the phrase that power corrupts. I would highly recommend it to you, at sub-hundred pages you can easily read it in a few hours. I am not onto Catcher In The Rye, which has a distinctly different writing style with the first person narrative but I’m going to give it a good go. I should really start labeling the books I have read in my 1001 Books To Read Before You Die book (does that make sense?). If I was ever to meet Arsene Wenger, we would have one disagreement. He believes that football in the Champions League is the best quality football played in the planet. I completely disagree – yes football in the CL is great and entertaining but you do not get the same emotion and buzz as international tournaments. Football for me, will always be about country and not club. Do not get me wrong, I love watching Arsenal and would love to go to Ashburton Grove every other week but international football just has, in my opinion that x-factor which club football cannot recreate. The honour, privilege and prestige to represent your country on the world stage is something only a handful of players ever get to achieve. Plus there is the time scales, the World Cup comes around once every four years, there is always another Champions League match the following season. Some people feel international football should be scraped altogether. I disagree, it should be the one thing our young players asipre to. As I watched the final this evening and saw the presentations I had a wonderful thought in my head, the next major final, I hope to be there, watching on as the winners are presented with their trophy. Just noticed that The Fifth Element is being screened on Flim4 in about 10 minutes (22:50) so I think I’m going to watch it before I retire off to bed and another busy week in the office. July is just around the corner. Summer is rushing by and my plans are very much thin on the ground.

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