Sunday 28th December 2003

Does it feel like a Sunday today? No, it does not. Actually I cannot tell you what day it feels like at all. The week gap between Christmas and the New Year is such a strange time. You lose tracks of the days and your sense of timing too!

Have you seen the recent BBC FA Cup campaigns starring the legendry Don King? If not click here. The basically plot behind the trail is to inject some much needed, “razzmatazz” into the FA Cup. This is something the Americans are proud in their professional sports leagues. Don King does demonstrate, that the love of the FA Cup, is something very English and no matter how much showcasing, it will always remain so.

Did you watch the final ever episode of The Office? The first part of the two part Christmas Special, I have to admit was a disappointment to me, as a big fan of the spoof documentary series. However, last night’s episode was fantastic. too many times in the past have certain things happened in soaps and other tv programmes, when I have thought to myself. “No, I didn’t want that to happen!” On this occasion, what we had hoped for did happen. Dawn and Tim did get together, and the way in which this was undertaken on screen was brilliant. Even, Brent for whom, we started to feel some apathy and pity. As a boss, we could put up with him, but seeing him on the road as a traveling sales rep, you do tend you feel that he is rather like a fish out of water. For him, then to find someone like Carol, at the end through the dating agency was a nice touch. Even though at times, we all thought it was wasn’t going to happen. Particularly after the first two unsuccessful dates. The script at times was amazing, I just wish I could recall some of the dialogue! The final few scenes did bring closure to the series, with David, pushing Neil out of the picture and asking for a photograph of the old regime, the “Glory Years”. Perhaps those days will return sometime in not to distant future.

I got an X-Box for Christmas. This is my first console since the Sega Master System II, which I had nearly ten years ago. So far I have been very impressed with the overall quality of the video game system. Microsoft have spent some time working on this product. However, the games are still quite expensive, with most new titles, costing £40. Do you remember when games for the Sega Mega Drive (Genesis to most of you out there!) were that expensive? Oh, the sweet memories! I got Project Gotham Racing 2, with the console. I was in London yesterday with a friend and purchased Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto Vice City, Platinum Pack. I had played both the first two versions of this now classic game on the PC. My dear friend Sippy had made the foolish mistake of bringing the original to Uni in the first year. I can recall many an afternoon spent driving around the streets of Vice City. Then a few weeks later, I was given GTA Mission Pack 1: London 1969. More time wasted around the streets of the capital in the 60s, hijacking Minis and trying to keep one step of the police. Then after the Christmas break, I was given GTA2. I think I spent more time on this title, than any of the predecessors. The lesson learned? Avoid any games at University if you can help it. Particularly those popular titles, such as Grand Theft Auto.

I have applied for mySQL account to be added to this web hosting package, so I will have a guest book loaded onto the site very soon. Apart from that I haven’t made an effort with any site updates. I am even considering, not completing my Review of 2003. It was one of those things that seemed a fantastic idea at the time, but as you get drawn into writing something meaningful to reflect a month, it becomes very difficult and challenging. It is not for me, however, to not finish something that I have started, so I shall, this week, finish my review of 2003. Whether I do such a look back at my year in the future, is in the balance. Still waiting for my entry in Blogging Brits to be listed. I anticipate that once this happens, I shall get an increase in traffic to my site. The counter has just reached 3,000 in the last few hours. That is an average of 72 hits a month over the 41 month history of the site. Let’s hope 2004 brings more friends and visitors to my site.

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