Sunday 19th October 2008

It is Sunday evening and the Strictly Come Dancing results show has just started as I begin this blog entry. What a weekend! Considering I did not have much planned, I have somehow managed to pack in plenty. I got up around 9am on Saturday and headed into town on the 10.32 100 service. I got my haircut at Jerry’s Street Styles and then came straight back home. The mission was the car, it had to be cleaned. However, as I came off the bus and walked down my road, it had started to rain but only a light drizzle. I was confident it would not last. After a shower and changing into workman clothes, I got out there and got to work. Although I had to watch Football Focus first of course. First job was to clean the inside but as usual it was not that bad. I was looking forward to using the heavy duty foam lance. It is such a great feeling when a black car is covering completely in white foam. I took a few photographs for Pav but have forgotten my camera at home, so have asked my sister to send the Compact Flash card to me, so I can upload the images later in the week. After the car was washed, it was nearly 3pm. I came in, got some food and sat down to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (episode five). Arsenal were losing to Everton before I put on the show but had turn it around to 3-1 by the time I switched back to Final Score on BBC1.

The remainder of the afternoon is a bit of a blur, I fell asleep on the sofa in the lounge and could hear the Hollyoaks Omnibus in the background. You know how it feels, as you drift in and out of sleep you catch bits and pieces of the dialogue. My friend Nikki had messaged me via MSN on Friday and asked if I could still pick up Hollyoaks in my new area. I did not get the chance to respond and explain that I have stopped watching the soap for the past three months. Her comment had been that it had gone crazy, shame I do not watch it anymore. Although my sisters did have to tel me some of the storylines. The only other shows I watched from my care package over the weekend was Chuck and The Big Bang Theory. It had gone midnight and I was really tired and could not keep my eyes open and even though perhaps could have watched another episode, I would hardly have been paying attention.

I then went to my room (or old room as it were) and decided to head to Staples to get some letters printed and photocopied. It closed at 7pm, so I had to rush. When we got back, we watched the end of Harry Hill’s TV Burp before watching The X Factor. It was Michael Jackson Week! I was really looking forward to this episode, particularly as I missed last weekend. I went online to check the songs (which are now published on the official web site, so no need to scrape around Digital Spy forums as I used to). I was disappointed that there were not more upbeat performances. Come on people, it is Saturday Night and MJ has a great back catalogue. No need to plug just the mushy ballads (even if they are great!). I was disappointed that my two favourite songs had not been chosen by any of the acts. They are Beat It and Human Nature (both from the album Thriller). I was looking forward to JLS’s performance of The Way You Make Me Feel and Austin’s Billie Jean. However, I would have to wait for the repeat on Sunday afternoon to watch both performances. I did not like Austin’s version of the song, it was not very good. JSL on the other hand, they smashed up the joint. Easily the best performance of the night. I have downloaded the video and mp3 from The X Factor News Forum. Well worth joining if you want to see videos of the show and discuss the acts.

I wonder what the man himself would have thought about a talent show in the UK using is back catalogue? Does he know? Does he care? I still hold out hope for a new album and final world tour. I know it is a lot to ask for but unlike Toya, of Toya’s World fame, I feel that the King of Pop has got one last swan song left. There is a generation that have grown up (my younger sister’s age) whom know little about him. They only know him from the videos and memories. It has been a long wait (almost as long as the wait for Keri Hilson’s album to drop!) but I feel it is worth waiting because I still believe that we will all witness the greatest comeback in entertainment history.

Saturday evening we surprised my Mum with a meal out at our local Indian restaurant. My Dad even ordered a cake and had to dropped off, so while my Mum though we were waiting for the bill, we were actually waiting for the cake to be brought out. Again, I have photographs that I need to upload to FlickR but will have to wait for the memory card to arrive in the post. It should arrive in the next few days and I will upload the best photographs online. Hopefully it will be using my own broadband connection. I got an e-mail from Tiscali late on Friday evening to confirm my broadband order had been placed. I should receive my router later this week and all being good, I will be online by the weekend. At the very latest it will be the middle of next week but I can hold onto my cousin’s 3G dongle until then.

Today, I dragged myself out of bed way after 9am, not what I had planned. After a quick breakfast I got on with the packing. It took a while as I had stuff all over the place to collect but I still forgot my camera and few extra bits I had wanted to bring over to the flat. Oh well never mind, I can get the stuff another time. I got onto the road at midday and was in the flat just after half past. Clear Sunday afternoon traffic. I unpacked my stuff and then sat down to watch the X Factor performances I had missed. Just as JLS were getting into TWYMMF, the buzzer went. Clive was here for my piano lesson.

The lesson went well considering I had hardly practiced since my last lesson back in the end of August. Afterwards we went into town to grab some food. We opted for the Hog’s Head, although it was quite busy with football fans. The Stoke Spurs match was just about to kick off. It is nice to see the rivals doing so badly and propping up the bottom of the league table. Right, Stephen Fry in America has started on BBC1, I better go watch it and have some late dinner after my late lunch.

I have to include one picture though before I go. Hussein was telling me he had put together a network diagram for his kit at home. It has the kind of devices I can only dream of. If I were to draw the diagram for my network back in Wycombe it would be pathetic! Oh well, I suppose we all need something to aspire to. I also need to think up some funky names for my new wireless network and devices. Workstation and Terry’s WiFi just do not seem creative enough! Come on, any suggestions greatly received!

Mighty Mouse Network Diagram

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