Sunday 18th March 2007

Finally got around to updating my Audio page. Can you believe it has been over thirteen months since I last updated it? Rather poor by my high standards. Last Sunday I spent a little time organising my portable CD collection that I carry in my car. I removed all my MP3 CDs as I will not have the facilities to play any of that media until late April. I then thought I could check how many audio CDs I had actually burnt over the past few weeks. Makes for interesting reading.
  • 2003 – 6
  • 2004 – 6
  • 2005 – 10
  • 2006 – 8
  • 2007 – 4 so far (3 months in)
I am looking forward to being able to burn mp3 CDs and even try the odd WMA CD to cram together all the CDs I have burnt over the past 4 years onto one disc.

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