Friday 25th June 2004

Friday, and the end of my official week at work. How has it been? Well it has been very different from what I expected, I give you that. During the course of the week, the commuting was physically causing me some issues, but at this moment in time, I feel great. Maybe it is just that Friday feeling? Compared to my journey during my placement year, this is a walk in the park and includes 0.04% of the stress. Of course, there is fact that other people how the destiny of whether I get to work on time. Rather than me being more in control, behind the wheel of my car. But there are many benefits. No high fuel bills, no issues with parking. It is literally a case of jumping on the bus and then train and getting into work. My hours are also much more convenient, which means I miss the major rush in the morning and early evening. The only real problem I have had this week, is having to lug my briefcase around, particularly on the tube. I am going to get something smaller and more suitable for my journey this weekend. (Damn, I’m really starting to sound like a woman on here!) After all, I only carry a book and some notes. Does this really justify me carrying the thing all the way to the City and back every day?

My Dad drove over to Germany in 1996 on a business trip. He was driving the company Ford Sierra at the time. On this drive over to the continent, he found a collection of cassette tapes (remember them?) in the car. He listened to one, to it’s death on the journey. The album, was a collection of old school, RnB tracks, featuring such artists as Incognito and R. Kelly. My favourite track on this album, was by an early 90s female trio, with amazing soulful voices. It is a shame they did not gain as much popularity here, as they did in their native America. Accomplished song writers in their own right, as clearly demonstrated on Bet’s Listening Party. Well you will be glad to know that Javine, one of the losers from ITV’s Popstars – The Rivals, has covered the track. I saw the video for the first time this evening on MTV Hits. My first impression is that she has decided to add her own unique style to the proceedings, but I am no sure if she has captured the inner beauty of the original (if that is at all possible). We shall see, but not sure what the gang over at PopJustice will make of it. Luckily, Kiss and Smash Hits have both added the classic, Jade track to their play lists! 😉

If I let you come inside, tomorrow will you hide
Will you be there for me, when I need someone to hold
Baby don’t misunderstand, I do want you for my man
I just need a little time, before I invest you my love
Don’t walk away boy, my love won’t hurt you
Don’t walk away boy, I’ll be right there for you

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