Three Little Words

Sometimes I wonder if Doug Savage is monitoring my life, from across the pond in Canada. Many of his world famous Savage Chicken cartoons reflect perfectly a moment in my life. I was having a discussion with my colleague and friend Harps, as we made our back from breakfast on Monday morning. He had just returned from his holiday in Mexico and the subject (the back to reality moment) was sensitive to say the least. Rather than go into too many unnecessary and irrelevant details, let me just say that the discussion turned to the moment you say those three little words. I spoke of my own experience, several years ago of qualifying the statement (sent with roses I might add). The phrase on the enclosed card started with, “I think…” Well I am now happily married to Michelle, so I believe it worked, even if she called me rather feeble for not putting my true feelings out there. The qualifying statement was unnecessary in her opinion.

Having followed Doug for many years, I read (is that the right adjective) his blog every working day and he always makes me chuckle. I purchased his fantastic book, the moment it was released in the UK and I should really keep the copy in the office, rather than in a drawer somewhere at my parent’s house. My dream of course, is for him to dedicate one of his cartoons to me one day. I live in hope! Until that day comes, he will continue to entertain and brighten up, even the gloomiest workday!

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