The Road To Justice

As I drove back from Reading town centre this Saturday lunchtime, I happened to find myself behind a grey Jeep Renegade. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but on the rear nearside boot they had a logo. It was a sign. A sign from the Gods. I had booked tickets to see Justice League with bestie Pav for next Friday night. 4DX 3D will be an experience at CineWorld Bracknell. I am really looking forward to seeing a DC movie that may live up to the relatively low expectations I have, particularly after the fun ride of Thor from the last weekend in October.


Meanwhile to prepare myself, I thought it would be good to re-read the past DC entries on Man of Steel and Batman versus Superman. There was no blog post after watching Wonder Woman one late Sunday evening in June with Pav at Vue Reading but there was a tweet. I will get around to reviewing Gal Gadot as Diana Prince as part of my review of the DC group universe outing. Will it come close to matching the first Avengers from over five years ago?

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