The Power Of A Response

Back at work on a Monday morning is never a great place to be! Why oh why do weekends go by so quickly! However a quick tweet on Twitter can change all that! When I saw Anil Kapoor in the audience at the BAFTA Awards ceremony last night at the Royal Opera House, I explained to Michelle that I looked forward to her seeing his rather limited appearance in Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. That made me think, I was looking forward to the blu-ray release of the movie, so I could enjoy the spectacular ride with all my family (not just my beautiful wife, who is unfortunately not a big Tom Cruise or Mission fan!) In particular to show my Mum that there was a landmark she missed on her visit to Dubai in April last year. Sure, it would not be the same as in the BFI IMAX but a 50″ HD plasma screen is not a bad substitute! (I need to clarify that, my parents have this piece of viewing equipment, not myself). So I thought I would tweet the Oscar winning film director, not expecting a response. Almost instantly, I got a response! Talk about making my day, Brad Bird just made my week! 🙂

BradBirdA113 Twitter Response

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