The Heart Of Slow

One of the problems of no home internet access is that I now am unable to read the fantastic Diamond Geezer blog. Sure I could set up an RSS client on my mobile and pick up updates that way, but I actually enjoy reading the Blogger powerered blog live in full HTML glory. As I was back at my parent’s this weekend, I had a bit of a chance to catch up on a few posts from the past few days/weeks.

The anonymous DG tends to concentrate on London and focus on some other cities from time to time based on the cultural or news agenda. He has skirted close to my hometown before, when flirting with the end of the Metropolitian Line at Amersham. However, I never expected to find him venture as far as Berkshire and never Slough. Sure enough though, with the introduction of the new space age bus station, the intrepid blogger was keen to show the rest of the country (and the world) that there is more to this town than the opening credits of a BBC comedy based in the industrial town.


I was away in Berlin, during the last weekend of the old bus station operations. Even now, the new bus station is hidden away behind construction boards and concrete. I have no reason to visit yet, I either drive everywhere or catch the train. The bus is not one of my modes of transporation in my new home town. I know Slough has a very bad reputation and I am trying my best to just get used to the idea of living here. I do commend the council for at least trying to revamp the town through their Heart Of Slough campaign. I may not be around to watch the plans come to fruition but I am sure it will be fun watching the master plan come together.

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