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Where have I been for the past five months? Well I have been busy behind the scenes, converting my old school HTML blog into WordPress. I know what you are saying, it should be an easy job for a geek like me. Well actually, it turned out to be a rather tedious cut and paste job from Dreamweaver into the WordPress console. That alone would have been bad enough but to add insult to injury, I had to reformat each entry, due to the text alignment being all over the place. Of course, this does not matter in HTML as the page is rendered as required based on the CSS. However, when using a blogging engine, each whitespace is shown, giving the entry a rather unprofessional look and feel. Even though I have done my best to resolve this, there will be posts from the distant past, which will need to be edited when I find the time. Why has it taken me so long to get a fresh new entry written? Well I wanted to have the full archive in place (2002-2009) and actually started making exceptional progress when I discovered a Notepad clone called TextPad. This has the functionality to allow me to turn a block of text into a single line and voila, cut and paste into WordPress and publish. I downloaded and installed the package back on 15th February and have made excellent progress on getting the blog updated. Within two weeks, I had completed to July 2006. Now the reason I have updating the archive and working my way backwards, is because many recent entries link back to historical entries and I need to ensure all the links work. For the record, by the time you are reading, the archives go up to November 2006. That leaves me with thirty seven months plus to add into the archives. This afternoon, I decided it was best to just get myself back online and work on things as I go. I know this goes against my perfectionist ways, but when one of my best friends from Uni is putting tweets in surprise at my lack of activity for the calendar year I know I need to act. The main purpose of this blog post to let everyone know that I am still around and to note the new URL for my blog (well it is not so much new but a minor change).

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