Party Over Here

I like to dance around to music, particularly when driving in the car. Of course, listening to my music quite loud draws attention to me in any case, but to add to the mix, I can usually be spotted dancing around like crazy. I have done this for years on and off. Most recently when my commutes were a daily one hundred and twenty miles (Slough to Swindon and a decade earlier, High Wycombe to Bedford). Of course, people, both pedestrians and other road users, stare, wondering what drugs this driver has been taking. Do I care? I just ignore the outside world and continue to enjoy my music!

My favourite character from The Hangover franchise is Leslie Chow, played to perfection by Ken Jeong. I am sure I mentioned that the sequel was released the same weekend, my best friend Pav had his stag do to Berlin. In any case, I follow the real Ken on Twitter but noticed a parody account which I started following recently and low and behold, this tweet came up and I just had to not just favourite it, retweet it but also blog about it here.

Leslie Chow

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