Monday 7th September 2009

Around ten past eight, this morning, I was hitting the Robin Hood Roundabout, heading to Norwich. I did not bring any of my CDs into the hire car (something else to forget at the end of the day). I listened to Radio One and would do for most of the day. A new song came on the radio, which I liked instantly, it was just one of those moments. I suppose a catchy chorus in a pure pop song is a given. It sounded a little like Girls Aloud but not completely (because it was a solo artist) but it was only later that afternoon, as I was driving back to Newbury and I heard the song again in full, that it was confirmed by Sarah Cox. Fight For This Love by the UK’s favourite northern lass, Cheryl Cole. I will not waste any time with a review, it is a fantastic pop song and I love it (as my recent feed on Last.FM reveals.) I will leave the reviewing honours to the best in the business – PopJustice! Only from reading the Wikipedia entry (which has now subsequently been updated, I have discovered that the song actually samples, Cliffs Of Dover by Eric Johnson.) I bought my first pack of 5 gum, I am sure you have seen the very expensive advertisements in the cinema. For a while, I was fooled. I thought this had to be a new chewing gum producer entering the UK market, but I was wrong. I finally got around to purchasing some Electro flavoured gum at the Boots in Paddington on Wednesday 19th August. What a disappointment to find Wrigley in the small print on the back. The packaging may be a bit fancy and confusing but not ground breaking, I was left bitterly disappointed. The gum did not live up to the hype! Can you believe it was launched State-side in 2007 and has taken over two years to reach these shores!

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