Friday 24th April 2009

Do you sometimes just take a gamble, a punt? Well I have done that a few times recently with limited success, until last night. More on the success a bit later but let me first focus on the failures. As if I do not already have enough US television to watch, I thought I would watch a few more shows. On Tuesday I downloaded a new animated show, Sit Down, Shut Up. I thought it would be up in the humour level of Family Guy or American Dad. I was so wrong, and you could tell from the way the characters are introduced in the opening episode. I lost interest after a few minutes and the story line was just completely pointless and foolish, even for a cartoon. I gave up, switched it off and deleted the AVI file. Next? Well a few weeks ago I had heard about this new show Party Down. This looked quite promising and I committed myself to three episodes (God I sound like some TV commissioning executive). I watched episode one on Wednesday and although the mock documentary style worked a little, the comedy was just not there for me. It was far too repetitive, based on a handful of lines or situations. I could see where it was going but it was not going to be getting anywhere fast, so I saved a good deal of hard drive space by deleting all three episodes. I suppose I should stick with word of mouth, when someone recommends a television show you just know it will be good. Or just start watching the moment it is imported into the UK (situations such as Chuck and GREEK) where I noticed it would be appearing on Virgin1 and BBC3 respectively and then let a BitTorrent client magic guide me.

I tend to browse the music video torrents on The Pirate Bay (TPB) and noticed a new video on there. It had only been uploaded fifty two minutes when I checked the site yesterday early evening. The only part of note, was the fact that the artist, some band called “The Lonely Island” had featuring T-Pain. The song title was not familiar to me. When the video started a little while later, I recognised one of the face instantly. (No, not T-Pain) but it was Andy Samberg. He features in the Saturday Night Live skit with Justin Timberlake, Paul Rudd and Beyoncé Knowles. I mentioned it in a blog post last month. From the opening few seconds I knew this video was going to kill me. It is just the outrageous almost pointless use of explicit language which has me on the floor with laughter. T-Pain just adds extra effect to the deal. Those of you of a weak disposition, be warned there is heavy swearing in this video from almost the outset. You have been warned. Enjoy.

So there you go, three cases of trying out new unknown pieces of music or television shows and only one being able to impress. I then had to dig further and read up about the band, The Lonely Island and get hold of their album, Incredibad. Not too bad, particularly with all the A list artists they were able to get to feature on some of the tracks. I will try and have a proper listen over the course of the weekend. What have I been up to this week? Well it was the first full week of the new morning gym routine. Yes it is a bit of a pain to drag myself out of bed so early and be outside the gym before 6.30am but the benefit is that I have the evenings to myself. Sure an hour may not mean much but it does allow me to fit in a thirty minute television show and actually relax. It is surprising how long an evening can feel when there is no rushing into the car to drive a few miles up the road to the Racecourse. There are added benefits too, the gym is less crowded and generally there is less traffic on the road that time in the morning. I will see how it goes, I am hoping I can keep it up, particularly in these summer months.

On Tuesday Sonia Deol finally added me as a friend on Facebook (although we have not met yet). Is she the real deal? Well we all know she is on Facebook from the fact she mentioned it during BBC Breakfast several weekends ago but is this the real Sonia? Time will tell. Perhaps Facebook should have a celebrity certification option to confirm that someone is who they really say they are? Meanwhile, talking of celebrities, I have refrained from following Rochelle Wiseman on Twitter. Mainly because she does not appear to have many useful things to say and I want to get away from these stalker like tendencies with technology.

What are my super plans for the weekend? Well nothing really. After the craziness of last weekend, the pace slows to a gentle walk. I have to clean the flat, do some clothes washing, food shopping. I will of course be at the gym for a solid hour working the legs and abs on Sunday. I have a friend popping over on Sunday evening which will be good, as I have not seen them for almost two months. If there is anything else I have forgotten to add I will come back and revise this post over the course of the weekend.

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