At Times Lacking Purpose

Why did I, fifteen years ago start a blog? A valid question. The blog grew organically out of the need to post updates about my personal website. I switched from posting rather limited sentences on which content had been updated to rambling on about my life at large. Looking back it was a way to record my working week (I was on my industry placement) and look forward to what the weekend had in store. Now, with limited time available I just do not have the capacity to write such detailed posts as I once did. In fact, looking back it is a wonder how I was able to create as much time for such self-indulgence.

What have I been up to? Life can take a steady routine. Working in the week and weekends becoming a mishmash of running around, cleaning, ordering food shop online and catching up. Anything, in particular, I want to mention?

Adele, Wembley Stadium

Michelle and I were lucky to catch Adele in her final concert appearance (on home soil) on Thursday 29th June at Wembley Stadium. Little did we know as we spent almost two hours making our way from our seats to Wembley Park Tube Station that Adele would not be able to perform her final two dates on Saturday and Sunday. While generally, I consider myself the undisputed king of logistics, I have to give props to my dearest wife. She actually made the astute decision to book a hotel in Watford and travel in on the tube. The downside of living in what must now be referred to the South Central. Bracknell gets grouped together with Guildford, Woking and then towards Southampton and Portsmouth. To get home from Wembley we would have to travel back into the Captial, cross the city late in the night and then catch a train back out from Waterloo towards Reading or from Paddington to Reading and get a Uber home. No thanks, particularly as I had not booked the Friday off. I had decided to just leave work around lunch time (on Thursday) and jump on two calls in the afternoon before heading to the tube station to Wembley. It does help to have an understanding employer when you are trying to fit your social events around the working week. Even though you could tell the London singer was not at her best, she still put in a great performance for her fans. Something that you cannot capture on DVD or on music videos is the sheer power of a voice and the ability to not just hold a high note but capture the audience with her down to earth personality and record breaking expletive count. My personal favourite moment was when she performed Skyfall – perhaps a little too early into the evening’s proceedings, but then when you have such a back catalogue of a mere three record breaking albums you earn the right to define your set list.

With the late summer Bank Holiday weekend, we decided to venture across the border into Surrey. Rather than attempt to park somewhere in an unknown town (JustPark was not offering many options) we opted for the Park & Ride based on the grounds of The University of Surrey. This turned out to be the best decision. We popped into town, grabbed some brunch and then had time to explore the Castle before exploring the quaint little town for a few hours before heading back home. This was pure escapism for Michelle. The reality of the return to work after not just a long weekend but a whole week off work. It is funny how therapeutic some retail fulfilment can provide for us consumers. In the end, it was actually I who left the place with multiple shopping bags. As this was the first time I was travelling to Guildford from Binfield, some of the views over the Surrey Hills were breathtaking in the late summer sunshine. We sometimes forget we actually live in a beautiful natural country.

Tom FoxGuildford Castle

We find ourselves in September. My favourite month of the year. Why? I like the fact some normality has returned to the work place after the hectic vacation period. Yes, I was of those sad children that actually looked forward to going back to school after the holidays. This is not new news, I have mentioned it numerous times before. Returning the focus to works means you start to look to the immediate future. This runaway train is heading to the end of 2017 and the dreaded ‘C’ word.

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