All Change

A historical week for the United Kingdom, but a below average week for me. Nothing major to report at all really, I just thought it would be a nice change to actually post “live”. I have to be honest, I had almost forgotten how good it feels. I am still in the progress of transferring across the final few months of entries from HTML onto WordPress. I just have not had the chance of sitting down on the computer, with an evening to myself, until now. I have been trying to get into bed around 9pm, which is very difficult for a night owl, believe me. I get up around 6am, although the alarm on my phone goes off a good fifteen minutes beforehand. I do have to confess though, the prospect of summer and the bright sunshine trying to break through my blackout blind is a good motivation to get my sorry self out of bed and into another busy work day. Graham Norton has been filling in for Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, since Tuesday 4th May for ten days. I am sorry to say, he just does not work on radio. Even though the Eurovision slot was interesting (if completely unoriginal) I just found his personality irritating. I have nothing against the man personally, on television he is fine, particularly on camped up shows such as Over The Rainbow, with his dearest beloved Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber. On the radio, particularly at 7am, you need a warm and gentle voice to ease you into the day. I just got the impression he was rather lost and there was little discussion about the music he was playing aside from the Europop from Eurovision of yesteryear. Thankfully Chris is back on Monday morning. I do see myself turning into my Dad as the years drift by. There was a time in the mid to late 90s when I would only listen to Capital FM. Thankfully those rather bland commercial days have gone, although most will note (mainly from my Last.FM) my musical tastes have hardly shifted in a decade. What can I say in my defence? I love a bit of pure pop! Work itself has now come to a stable level. I know what to do, but I am still pretty much the new boy. I am learning things all the time, and I have to pinch myself sometimes, as I walk into the office and look up at the bright blue logo. This is far from my dream job, but I can say quite clearly that this and perhaps always has been the company I have dreamt of working for. Perhaps that is a little too poetic, but the sentiment will always ring true. If you are into computers, this place does not look bad on the CV. Even if I have been building all my computers in recent years on processors from the main competition. I am glad Friday is here and with it the weekend, although to be honest, I do not have much planned. I am going to go into town tomorrow, get my haircut, get some jobs done and then get home in plenty of time before the FA Cup Final. I need to give the car a clean and once over. I have been heading to the Jet Wash over on Desborough Park Road recently as our outside tap froze over during the snow storms earlier in the year. Hopefully the tap will be repaired soon, as the weather has repaired and I have no desire to continue shelling out the £3.90 for a substandard wash, when I can a quality job myself for a fraction of the cost and not be victim to a time limit. I also need to get back into my reading, I have lapsed since the turn of the year, if not just before. I finished The Two Georges a few weeks ago, and although my sister Natalie did recommend me a Nazi based true story, I have decided to go back to my reading list and a classic. Perhaps even a play by William Shakespeare. Will see what the Classics section of Wycombe Library has to offer. Sunday I will start the morning early (well for a Sunday at least). 8am, I will be down the gym doing a full workout. Maybe Ryan will join me and the rest of the day I have to myself, let us see what it will bring.

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