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In my humble opinion, everybody should have a blog! I suppose you could consider this the contemporary equivalent that everybody should write a novel. While the barriers to getting a book written and published have reduced in recent times, it is still far easier to setup a free blog and be up and running within a matter of minutes.

Although there are now similar short forms of user generated content such as Instagram and Twitter, nothing can beat a long winded post to cover every possible detail. Many friends (although mainly focused upon a group of ex colleagues) have started blogs, somewhat inspired by my own. Most last a few months and then die a sudden death. My greatest protegé (if she will allow me to be so bold) is Samantha, living and working in the Southern Hemisphere. She has written some deep honest posts about migrating to Hobbit country and starting a new life. I am so grateful she has kept writing, so I can keep up to date on all her adventures, both good and bad.

While my dear friend Fred has dabbled in blogging previously, his new political blog over at Equality Express is a tour de force on so many levels. In the current climate where the name of our country ‘United Kingdom’ might seem rather ironic, I believe it is important to make sure we understand what is happening in Westminster and the impact it has on our daily lives. I hope Fred keeps up with the blogging, there are so many topics we should reconsider and seek out the truth cutting through all the spin!

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  • Samantha Reply

    I’m happy to be labelled anything, within reason, haha. I’m hoping to post again next week. Keep up your good work too!

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