Sunday 9th April 2006

“Big players, score big goals in big games…” came the rhetoric from Andy Gray this afternoon, as Park scored the second decisive goal against Arsenal at the Theatre of Dreams. BBC commentary was always heading down the road to meaningless drivel, but you would expect Sky with their excellent coverage to provide the cream of football commentary, particularly for big title deciders, such as this when the big guns lock horns. Sure, I was disappointed with the defeat, but it was not a limp performance from the Gunners by any means. Wayne Rooney was a class act and if it was not for Jens the score line could have been far harsher to the visitors. Our Scottish commentator was appalling, using his now infamous, “top drawer” phrase minutes before using yet another well warn football cliché. You want to admire great goals, great passage of play, but the job of the commentator is to express with a vast vocabulary what you have just seen unfold on the pitch. I could have done a better job this afternoon. Commentary from five is starting to look quite appealing. Chris lent me his Playstation on Wednesday but I only had time to hook it up to the television upstairs yesterday evening. Now, I don’t play computer games anymore, even Mouse Breaker is beyond my basic skills, but the key to GT4 is the realism. It truly replicates the exact track, almost to inch point detail. (I of course will be better able to confirm this next weekend). I picked the track from the World Circuit menu, after selecting Arcade Mode, to get myself behind the wheel as soon as possible. The 2004 M3 was chosen in the typical burgundy colour, which I was informed by the ‘game’ to be Imolarot. Sure enough a few minutes later I was being told to my foot (or thumb) full on the throttle as the race started. Straight away, you could understand why so many people look like ghosts, when you mention the name of this famous piece of tarmac. The corners are sharp and the lack of visibilty staggering, you lose yourself on the track, having to constantly look at the on screen map to find out when the next dredded hairpin is. An hour or so went by, as I drove around and around the track, never really looking to clock a record time, but just learn the track and perfect (if there ever is such a word) the racing lines. Plus the setting itself is so traquil, quietly set in the Germany countryside. My mouth was watering at the prospect of next weekend. After another hour or so on the PS2, I switched it off (it was hard work, but I eventually forced myself to) and headed down for dinner. Straight afterwards, I was on the computer and searching for more and more information on the Ring. Pav was online too, working nights and bought some shocking news, there was a problem with his car and it would be a race against time to have it ready before Friday. All the excitement from the evening disappeared in an instant, but there was hope. Hope that perhaps it could get repaired in the coming week and then we were good to go again. Meanwhile I have uploaded some screenshots onto a new FlickR set.

Track Selection Screen

The return of Dr. Who on Saturday and I will be out of the country. Thankfully my dear friend Hussein is going to digitally tape it for me. Hopefully I can grab the DVD from him before the next showing the following weekend. I am really looking forward to it. The trails shown on BBC One (even those that watch minimum television, can’t have missed it) look very impressive. The Doctor looks fresh, youthful, ready for a new challenge, but smart and intelligent (as the Doctor should always be).

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