Sunday 23rd March 2008

Easter Sunday, and according to the well researched Diamond Geezer the earliest we will ever experience. It is 11.06am precisely as I begin writing this and I have quite a few things to do before the football matches this afternoon. I will try and make this entry both concise and brief.

On Good Friday, I was surprised to wake up and see the sun shining outside, so made it a top priority to wash my car. I did not get out there until around 11.30am, but after a good solid two and a half hours I was done. Thirty minutes after coming in, the hail stones started. I had completed the job just in time. I was very glad to get this done, the car was not that dirty but just a in need of some tender loving care. Pav had reported on Friday afternoon that the weather conditions for the weekend did not look good for my postcode. I text him to say I had completed the job just before the change in the atmospheric climate and his reply was classic, “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down on Terry”.

I did not do much on Friday really, stayed in and opted not to head over to Phatz for Trance Planet with the rest of the gang. Around 4pm, I decided to watch Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, purely because it had been so long since I had seen the movie and I had seen the first three so many times in past (particularly on television). Perhaps it is only now when you are much older (and questionably wiser) you truly appreciate the movie for what it is. Unfinished as the producers ran out of money (or rather throw away on other productions).

Yesterday, I had quite a lazy day planned before heading out into Reading. Yes, I know the big plans of karaoke in London had to be abandoned due to a few people dropping out and the cost of minibus and booth going up. I will admit I was gutted and was really looking forward to a night out in Central. Never mind, it will happen again at some point soon. Worse case I can always go for my birthday in November? Anyway, back to yesterday. I watched Football Focus and then decided how to spend the rest of my afternoon. I got a few jobs done and then decided to give Jerry Street Styles a call, on the off chance they might be open. Jerry answered the phone and explained that they would be closing at 4pm. So I abandoned all my other plans, had a shower and caught the bus into town. There was a brief snow shower before I got out of the door and as usual (with my perfect timing) I got to the bus stop just as the 100 bus pulled up. After my haircut, I came straight home and it was around 4pm. I had only had breakfast by this stage of the day. While on the computer, I noticed my eyesight to be affected by those bright sparks that can mean only one thing. Migraine alert. So I took a Nurofen, got some food and decided to get into bed. I would get up in a couple of hours and if I felt better I would get ready and head into Reading.

My phone buzzed around 7.30pm, it was Pav but I did not read the text for another hour or so. By then, Pav had tried to call me a few times and Emily had left me a voicemail. I went into the lounge and watched some Bollywood movie with my Mum and sister for a moment, while contemplating whether or not to go out. At first I felt it was best to stay at home but I changed my mind. I got some food, get ready and head out. It was 9.30pm by the time I hit the M4 and it just before 10pm, I got to Monks. It was busy, as you would expect but it did not feel as busy as previous Saturday nights out. Perhaps many people had opted to either stay in or gone away for the long weekend. I gave Emily my card and there was no time to get any drinks in as we moved onto our next stop. We could not get into Revolutions as some people had trainers on! So we went across to Mango but it was quiet and £6 to get. However, on considerate, it was going to be very quiet and we did not want to be stuck there for the rest of the evening, so walked down to Sahara. I have never been in this small cocktail bar, it made a change of scenery to some of our regular haunts. It was busy but we got some seats as a big group of girls were just leaving.

Pav showed me some photographs of his last detail. He had not been able to get any during the detail itself due to the day quite quickly turning to night. The Porsche just looks amazing and even an old dear walking past could but admire the Crystal Detail workmanship. “Doesn’t that look lovely!”. We then discuss plans for the summer. There is quite a lot to look forward to really. My third festival experience, will notch it up a level as I venture to Reading (hopefully for the whole weekend). We are going to try and organise a group trip to a theme park, most likely Thorpe Park (where I have never been). There is of course the Audi Meet in July and I have entered myself (well got the entry form at least) for the Show & Shine competition!

After a few drinks we decided to head over to Revolutions (we had now lost all those people wearing trainers). Pav and myself decided to walk to Revolutions (the five minutes it would take) whereas Div and Em took a taxi! Please! In any case, the queue was quite long and at least a half an hour wait out in the arctic wind, so we decided to call it a night. Dropped by Subway for a light snack and then walked back to the Oracle. My bad luck with car parks continues. (I thought I had lost that omen, when Chris left my workplace). The pay machine on level three was out of order, as was the one on level two, so I had to rush down (via the stairs) to level one to pay for my ticket, then rush back and finally get out of the car park! Another food pit stop was required at Mo’s Kebab van opposite the Tesco Express petrol station in Caversham. While Div and Em went to get their food, I pointed out a few marks and the odd stain in the car that Pav would need to attack next weekend. He was surprised, to him the car was pretty much spotless, it was but it could do with a little work to make it perfect.

Right I better go and get ready and get ready and watch to the watch the football. Most likely I will sit in the lounge with my laptop, football on in the background until the real crunch match at 4pm. Bring on Chelsea! Oh by the way, I think I have found the next series which can bring about another installment of Terry versus Pav’s FTP site. American comedy Chuck, which will be screened shortly on Virgin 1. Why would I want the ease of watching the show on FreeView, when I can download it at less than 4kbit/s via Breezy’s site? All I will say is watch this space!

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