Sunday 22nd July 2007

Exactly a year ago, I was in the middle of a lad’s weekend. That was a fantastic weekend and stands out as one of my highlights from 2006. This year, we have a triple header for next weekend. The Ultimate Weekend. Friday, I will head over to Reading Vue, to watch Transformers with Pav. Then Saturday we are off to the outskirts of Strafford for Global Gathering. The excitement does not end there, we should be on our way home at 6am on Sunday morning. Then, about five hours later I will on my way to Islington for the second and final day of the Emirates Cup. That is all to come, for now, let me concentrate on events of the past few days. Like much of the rest of the online population, I am addicted to FaceBook. I log on every day and change my ‘status’ every couple of hours. More and more of my old school friends, colleague friends, uni housemates, ex work colleagues from years gone by are doing the same. It must be the most popular social network site in the world. I mentioned Penn Masala a few weeks ago, well apart from being the world’s first Hindi acapella group, they have also done a parody video for FaceBook. I think, if you have joined the site, which most of you reading this have done, you will be in stitches watching it!

My first full weekend back in my room and it has been fantastic! I have been able to listen to the radio in the evenings, watch FreeView and get back to downloading mp3s. On Saturday morning, as I watched music television, as I always do, I made a list of new tracks and was able to download most of them online. Fantastic! It was good to be back. The rest of the day was spent working on a web site for a friend and I made excellent progress. In the evening, headed over to Tiger Garden in Marlow with my sister’s to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Training session this morning was a killer, the humid heat did not help much. I am enjoying the course, never the less, it is good fun and I feel better as each week goes by. I will miss the next two Sunday sessions, which is not ideal but I will continue to attend every Thursday evening session, just to make sure I don’t let myself slip back into my lazy ways. Will keep you posted with my progress.

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