Sunday 14th October 2007

I had seen the trailers for the movie back in 2004, although I wanted to see it, I would never have gone to the cinema or rented the DVD. I would have waited for EuroTrip to appear on Sky Movies or as on Friday night, on terrestrial television. BBC1 showed Old School last Friday night which is from the same team but although I started watching the first few minutes, I was not in the mood and went to bed instead. I only realised it was on after checking the Radio Times (as I do most Friday nights at 8.30pm). What can I say? A typical American teen comedy, which is crude and at times completely absurd. It was one of those throwaway pop-corn movies. You watch for a laugh and never really take anything too seriously. The whole plot is so far fetched, you wonder what the script writers will think of next. The song, “Scotty Doesn’t Know” was a great touch and there are great cameo appearances littered around to keep your attention. This genre appeals to me, I will admit because I am trying relive my youth. If only I could have gone to college across the pond! Suppose will just have to make do with the movies! Jacob Pitts plays the sidekick very well and does remind me of David Spade. If you have nothing better to do (and you really must be bored) give the movie ago, it is fun, just do not expect a great laugh. It has the odd laugh out loud moment but generally I doubt you will remember many funny things at the end.

I did not have much planned this weekend. There was talk with Pav of meeting up with Dee and Jav but it did not happen. Instead I just got my haircut yesterday morning and spent Saturday glued to the football. When I was on my computer in the evening, around 7pm, I got a phone call from Charlie. He asked why I wasn’t in Reading and he had sent me a message on MSN this morning around 10am. I had come online but my PC had crashed, so I had missed any message he had sent me. In any case, he wanted me to head over to Pav’s watch the first half of the Rugby World Cup semi-final with a curry then head into town. At first I did not want to go but my Dad and Mum persuaded me to get out and enjoy myself. I left around 7.20pm and got to Pav’s just before the 8pm kick off time. As I pulled up to his drive, I noticed them rushing to the 5-Series. Charlie told me to hurry up and jump in the car. They headed down to The Village Tandoori. Pav wasn’t driving fast enough for Charlie. We picked up the food, headed back and Pav served up while we started to watch the match. England took an early lead. Foxy had text us that O’Neil’s was packed and far too busy, so they had headed to a quieter pub around the corner. We ordered a taxi and headed down into town at half-time. There was a ten minute queue outside O’Neil’s although you could see the big screen from the window. We headed across the square over to The Cooper’s Arms. It was relatively quiet, with Foxy and friends at a table in the back watching the match. Slowly the atmosphere got a bit lively, with a bunch of guys starting to sing Swing Low Sweet Chariot. This was with the game carefully balanced 9-8 in favour of the hosts. I am not a big rugby fan, but was here to just enjoy the game. Charlie was getting right into it, as he had been in the first half at Pav’s place. I personally didn’t think England would get back into the game, with the clock ticking down but I was proved wrong. At the final whistle the place erupted! Most of the crowd were cheering and dancing around and singing. I could only managed a few claps and shouts of “Yeah!”.

We left the pub and headed towards Monks. At this point I parted company with Charlie and Pav. I was not feeling good and not in the mood for a late night. So I walked back to Emner Green, which took me just over half an hour. (It was not the first time I had walked from the town centre to Pav’s house. Although the first time was July 1999, the day we went to see Star Wars – The Phantom Menace, the walk was only to Caversham) I got into my car and drove home by about 11.15pm. I was tired but was glad I had ventured out on Saturday night.

A lazy Sunday today, with a piano lesson this afternoon. Lessons have been going well and I am making good progress. May even be in a position to take my first grade exam, in the middle of next year. However, I am in no rush, so will just take my time. The main thing is to keep practising. Not much else to report I’m afraid, I really do wish I had something exciting to add but I do not. So, as the weekend draws to a close, it is nearly time. Time to face the music tomorrow morning.

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