Saturday 17th May 2008

A lazy overcast Saturday afternoon. The FA Cup Final is on TV but I am only watching for the ex-Arsenal contingent. Portsmouth currently lead one nil at half time. To be honest, I have not done much to day. I went into town to return my library book and get a few bits and then came straight home. The weather is not inspiring for a washing my car (my Dad has taken it now in any case). An opportunity to have a sort out of things in my room, plus I have been given a PC to fix but not sure if I will get around to it until tomorrow.

Last night I watched National Treasure: The Book Of Secrets. I did not catch it at the cinema earlier in the year but in a way was glad to watch it on my PC rather than on the big screen. (I may watch it again when it gets onto Sky towards the end of the year). American History is fascinating, particularly The Civil War (which is the main focus here). It was good fun but of course at times rather over stretching the story to a point it was almost stupid. However, Cage and company appear to have a great time globe trotting around the world. The car chase through Central London is one of the highlights in terms of action sequences. (How cage was not arrested for causing such havoc and jumping a red light I will never know!) While I am a self confessed geek and love boys toys, I have to say in the context of this movie, I do not like the gadgetry used, it is just not necessary. However I suppose it will enable me to appreciate fully, a true action hero on Friday night, whom has no need for electronics, just a trusty whip! Indiana uses his wit and intelligence to get himself out of sticking situations, he has no need for a sidekick who is a computer genius. Aside from this, it was a good yawn, perhaps a bit too long but with an all star cast (including Helen Mirren) not a bad way to spend a Friday evening. (Although of course Pav will suggest I could have been in London at some latino club getting my groove on!)

Not much planned this weekend I’m afraid, well nothing exciting. I am going to get over to the gym tomorrow morning at 8am again and try and make it a habit. This will take my sessions from three to four times a week and I am sure I will feel the benefit over time. The main problem is getting out of bed on a Sunday morning around 7am, anything after that is quite straight forward. I still do not understand why the gym is so busy at that ungodly hour at the weekend.

I finished reading The Day Of The Jackal on Wednesday evening. An excellent book and I would highly recommend but mainly for the boys that like a bit of action slash adventure. It started slowly but once the plot builds up some pace it really is quite gripping. I just need to get around to watching the film when it is next screened on the telly. However after reading two books back to back, I am not on a short break. There was no point getting another book this afternoon when I got into town at midday. There is just a mobile lorry with a limited selection of books and even queuing can make you feel claustrophobic! I am going to wait for the new library to open in sixteen days and in the meanwhile move my focus back onto the piano.Yes I am still trying to learn the instrument, albeit struggling! (Mainly because I find it difficult to have the discipline to sit down and practice, particularly with the lure of the inter web in the evening.) Having said that my sister Samantha has just handed me Jeffery Archer’s Prison Diary to read. Personally would prefer the work of pure fiction, but will have a read and see what I think.

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