Movember Again

Last year when I joined the annual Movember movement for the first time, the decision was at the eleventh hour. I decided to join around 30th October, mere days before the start of November. Roll forward twelve months and this year I am better prepared and taking part with fifteen colleagues. Generation donations to “CA Mouchas” has raised almost £500 before the start of the month, which is pretty good going but to date I am yet to get off the mark. Therefore the begging begins now and where else to start than my personal blog!

You can check out my achievements from last year over on FlickR. I got Michelle to take photos every few days rather than on a daily basis but I ended up looking like a call centre worker from Bangalore (according to my friends Pav and Sippy).

Day 10

You can go and make a donation on my MoBro page. Although the clever people behind the site will already have e-mailed all my donors from last year with a gentle prod to donate to me again this year. I have also downloaded the official app, which I am trying to use to provide regular updates and photos. The aim is to go for the Hulk Hogan look of the early 1990s but we shall see. The more important target is to raise more money than last year, so anything over £225 will be a big difference to this wonderful cause.

Update – my final total was £320 so I beat my total from last year by almost £100! Thanks to everybody who donated to my page, I really appreciate every penny you gave in support of this fantastic cause. However, I have decided to take a break from Movember for 2014 and possibly for 2015 also. I will be donating to friends MoBro attempts but not partaking myself, after two successful consecutive years raising over £540!

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