Monday 18th August 2008

It is 13:20 as I begin writing this post and I am officially on holiday. Not any old holiday but the first ever consecutive two week holiday in my working life. Yes, I am sure most of you will be shocked to discover that I have never had two weeks off work back to back. My last time work work to this extent was back at the end of 2007 and early 2008. I was able to book off a full calendar month, with my last day on 14th December and my first day back 14th January. Something tells me I will not be so fortunate in my new position. However, the reality is none of this should come as a surprise (particularly to my work colleagues) as I still hold an unbreakable record. Taking only three days off (two one and a half days) over two years (2005 & 2006). People will find it even stranger that I have taken off nine days (we all get next Monday off) to attend a three day music festival. My only response to that (when Pav put the question to me on MSN a few weeks back) was to get some pre and post blogging done. Although this is all on the basis that I actually get hold of a ticket (one day, weekend or otherwise) on Wednesday evening. If not, I will have to find something else to do over the Bank Holiday Weekend. Perhaps a month ago (or a bit longer) I was on the weights machine in the gym and heard a new song start on the internal radio system. I half recognised the lyrics but the actual song was one of those dance numbers. (You know the formula by now, you take an old classic hit from the 1970s or 80s and then hook it up to a fast electro beat. Then give it plenty of airplay and sure enough the kids will buy it. In fact, I remember talking about this very subject over five years ago, and even gave it the title of dance floor covering. It was just before the chorus kicked in that I realised that the song was a cover of Big Area by Then Jerico. A little searching on the net, put me in the direction of the band’s my space page. To go and watch the original go over to YouTube. After I got up, I decided that I must get to the gym if it is the only thing I achieve today. I got there around 10.30am and found the car park packed. I had to park over a ten minute walk away in the over flow car park. I had never seen the gym this busy. I was hoping most people were either on the golf course or in the pool. I was right, to a degree but the gym was still relatively busy. I suppose most people on holiday or with some time off had decided much like me to come in for a morning work out. The session was hard work, I had fifteen minutes on the gym at level seven. It was tempting to switch it down to six (or lower) but I fought the urge and battled on through the pain. Minutes later on the treadmill, I found myself hitting 10km/s for a total of three minutes and not feeling too bad. The rowing machine, although now reduced to five minutes from ten has increased in intensity. I really have to push myself the whole time to break the 1000 meters barrier. I am not looking forward to my next session on Thursday. Although one lesson has been learnt, I need to get to the gym earlier.

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