Monday 17th April 2006

The time is 23:07 as I begin to write this entry late on Monday evening. I arrived twenty minutes ago, dropped off by Pav from my lad’s weekend in Germany. (That does give the impression of a stag weekend, but that could not be further from the truth) Over the past four years many entries promise to be the greatest entry I have ever written. Well perhaps in the past I have left my loyal readership down, without truly realising they were being short changed. Sure I have written some fantastic entries, but over the next few days, I am going to put into works the events of the past 96 hours, with the help of videos, 579 digital photographs (448 Olympus 5060, 131 CyberShotU respectively) and the three sides of A4 blog notes I made during the early hours of the morning, trying to record as much of the weekend as possible. I came onto the computer to catch up after four solid days without internet access (although there was a desktop with free internet access in the hotel lobby, I kept away from the temptation), Outlook bought up the following reminder:

Time for bed but over the next few days I will get my act together and fill you in on all the details from the weekend. One omission, if I may. I did not record any pod casts. The reason? We did not take a Nokia charger with us and none of us bought a travel plug adapter for Europe? The alternative to borrow Dee’s in car charger, but with everyone else’s batteries running low, I opted for the better option. Switching off my mobile phone.

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