Friday 8th June 2007

Being back online easily is the highlight of the week but there is so much else to mention and so much yet to come. Not sure where to start really. I suppose I will just take each topic as it comes into my head. Being back online has been fantastic! I have a stable 2 meg connection which went live on Wednesday afternoon. It was like I was never away, I booted up my machine, logged on and AVG updated itself, MSN signed in. We had lift off. I picked up all my e-mails and then started reading some of the blogs I had missed for the past three weeks. Then I had to go through a list of mp3s I wanted to listen to. I even got around to downloading Azureus. It had been mentioned on the Sky User forum which I have been living on, during lunch times at work. I am so impressed with the Bit Torrent Java Client that I removed both eMule and Ares from my machine. I downloaded Groove Armada latest album and Rihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad album within the space of twenty minutes. Result!

When Pav detailed my car several weeks ago, he wrote up the job over at Detailing World. You do not need to join to read the thread and comments. Unfortunately I never took many photos when I got the car back and it is so dirty that I need to give it a wash this weekend. (Yes, I have been really bad and not washed it since the detail three weeks ago. I really need to make more of an effort. I am free this weekend, so have no excuses.

I just walked into my sister’s room to let her know I paid the London Congestion Charge for her, to be told by my younger sister that the new house mate was a Michael Jackson fan. I looked to the screen to find Seany entering the Big Brother house. I do not watch the reality television show but tend to be aware of who is in there and what is going on from afar. My sisters are all big fans and watch the live feed on E4 regularly (more so in their student days when they were back home for the holidays). Seany is someone I met back in early October 2005 at a London MJ event, and again most recently last November at the World Music Awards. Maybe I will have to break the habit of a lifetime and start tuning into to Channel 4. Strange to see someone you know on television, but I should qualify that statement. I know him a little, not that well. We have met a few times and spoken at length about MJ, the trial, the comeback and other related things. Now I find him on prime time television, for all the world to see.

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