Friday 24th August 2007

I worked from home today, only the third time since I started my new position just over six months ago. Nice for a slower pace to the day for a change. Get up a little later, jump on the laptop and get working. I had a quite a few things to do and took some calls from the office. The sun came out in the late afternoon and the weekend was nearly here. Before I get to a preview of the next three days, let me just round up one final event from last weekend.

Sunday was officially a lazy day, I got up around 11am, chilled out and did very little. I watched both afternoon games on Sky and jumped on the computer in between. During dinner, we decided to watch Just My Luck. It was a movie I had seen advertised while at the cinema last year. However, it was something I would never go to see on the big screen or even really be keen to watch at home. However, I had a few hours to kill and wanted to watch something. Let me put the record straight, I am not a fan of Lindsay Lohan. I would not go as far to say I hate her, but I just cannot get over her freckly faced baby looks in The Parent Trap. I have seen her in Mean Girls, which was quite funny, but generally I do not appreciate her talents as an actress. However, this was a nice throw away movie, something quite light hearted to kill an evening. There was some classic funny moments, but just like the movie, they are quite easily forgotten. Throughout, I was sure I recognised one of her friends in the movie but just could not put a name or place to the face. It was not until I did a little searching on Wikipedia I realised that the actress started in Daniel Powter’s music video, ‘Bad Day‘. With such an exotic name as Samaire, she surely deserves to push her co-star to the side and take up a leading role all for herself. In summary, a good movie to waste away some time of an evening, never too serious and with no real substance, it is very much throw away pop corn material. The main British interest is the background of the McFly US invasion, which is hardly convincing.

Now, back to the long Bank Holiday weekend. Pav is off to Reading Festival, having secured tickets on Tuesday. I am quite busy and the roller coaster begins tomorrow. Off to Arsenal for the first Saturday afternoon kick off at Ashburton Grove against Sven’s Man City. Saturday evening may well be a takeaway pizza at home. Sunday, early start, off to Birmingham to meet a friend for the afternoon. Plan to do some shopping around the BullRing and Mailbox. Monday at the moment is free as day for admin plus also to relax a little. Eastenders this week had inspired me to arrange a day trip down to Brighton but Pav’s view was no one would be interested, so I reluctantly did not create an event on FaceBook.

I cannot end without mentioning my visit to Wembley mid-week. I went with Niko from work. I got to the stadium just before 7pm but had to wait a good half hour for him to arrive. It was raining lightly as I waited outside turnstile N. The weather would be a good metaphor for the game were about to see. The build up had been marred by withdrawals due to injury, so England started with a far from main eleven. There were a handful of first choices and a debut with some new faces. Our seats were by the corner flag to the left of the pitch. I was looking forward to a convincing performance from England. What we got was far from that. I am actually not in the mood to even write up a review. Plus it is two days since the match and most people will have read all the comments and backlash. The result was disappointing but we expect more at home against our arch rivals. What makes matters worse is that it was to a certain extent a German ‘B’ team on show. Do we really deserve to be at the European Championships next year?

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