Friday 20th November 2009

On Tuesday morning Pav explained that Barry had printed out a phrase onto a label at the office. The phrase sounded like something Yoda would have said with the diction all over the place. “How Can She Slap”. I did not know what my friends were referring to, until I took Pav’s advise and searched on YouTube. I must apologise if you are sensitive to bad language, there are numerous count of expletives in the clip below. Although most of the swearing is in English, if Hindi is not a language you can understand, the Wikipedia page for the show Dadagiri will explain all!

How Can She Slap?

My big birthday weekend is soon upon us and both Barry and Pav are literally bouncing off the walls. There is quite a big number of people making an appearance now and I am looking forward to the afternoon and evening and seeing where the night takes us. It is quite a turnout for my birthday, being born at such a bad time of year often meant I have very few people come out to celebrate. I recall in 2007 that it was just Emily, Pav and Charlie. Two years on the build-up has been immense! Pav has labelled it 2T’s and created an Event under my Facebook fan page as The Feather. It will be the first collision of the worlds of Barry “BT” Tuck and Andrew “The Feather” Tegala since Sunday 29th August. Two months and twenty three days or 7,257,600 seconds have passed since the Bank Holiday weekend at the end of the summer. Since then the attempts to give up smoking and drinking have come and gone and BT has made a return to blogging after a hiatus of several years. What will happen tomorrow? Nobody really knows but I expect some description of events to be posted either on this blog or perhaps even on Paranoid Android sometime next week.

I think the British Government is using the advertising slots during Live From Studio Five to get the full quota of public service announcements out to the public. I think I noted at least three yesterday evening during the course of the show. My favourite was this Check In, the final question had me in stitches!

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