Friday 20th January 2006

The week ends much the same way it started with me watching a-ha on television. Although on Monday evening it was TOTP and tonight it was VH1 – Then & Now. I recorded the a-ha ‘upfront’ performance from the Beeb, due to more the fantastic introduction by Brian Potter than anything else. His exact words were, “in for a treat now… back after seven years… absolutely smashing Scandinavian favourites, they made that video where that girl fell in love with the biker and climbed inside a comic! (Turning to Fern) Your a bit young for that aren’t ya? It’s A-HA!” Please read with a strong Lancashire accent. Analogue is perhaps my favourite song on the new album, although I do find Celine is great to listen to as you get ready to go out for a night out on the tiles.

Pooja, over her blog, often fills an entry completely with lyrics. Back in November, reading the lyrics I was curious to discover the name of the song and artist. Eventually a few days later on e-mail, I was told it was Toni Braxton and her smash hit (#2 in the UK) from January 1994, Breathe Again. Of course I downloaded the track and have listened to it several times in the car. A moving, emotional, beautiful song, sung with a soulful vocal that tugs on your heartstrings, in perhaps a way that very few other artists can. With so much success so soon, perhaps the nosedive of her more recent albums is what was expected.

So glad it is Friday. I have been waiting for the weekend to come around for a while and feel as if I have been stuck in the working week for over an age. Well we are here now and so much to look forward to. Back in mid April last year, I went over to Aylesbury with my friend Pav, to check out the true power of the hoses under the hood of his daytona violent (not purple) M3. Well tomorrow, a big convoy of Beemers (and the odd Scooby) will be departing from the Film Works car park (by my house) down the A4010 to G-Force Motorsport. If you can’t remember, there is a set over 18 photographs over at FlickR. Expect more to be added over the course of the weekend. Pav hasn’t made major performance enhancements yet, but expect him to be getting the vehicle ready in the coming few months.

Then we have the lunchtime kick off (which while it might be tight to get home in time for kick off, I should be there, in front of the box to catch the majority of the action on PremPlus.) Of course, my colleague, Chris would prefer me to watch it with him, although personally, I am not sure if he deserves another humiliation particularly after last season. Suppose I should go easy on him, he has just been in hospital. Like I was trying to explain to him over the course of the week, for a change my social calender is being booked up thick and fast. Even my Mum has to book weekend taxi rides two weeks in advanced. All this from the guy whose most pressing task at the weekend would usually be getting a haircut and spent most of the remaining time online. Actually my weekends have become so congestive that I have to change my working hours on Friday to fit in going down to the salon this evening, rather than on Saturday morning, as would normally be the case. From where I’m standing, I hope Monday morning never arrives.

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