Friday 19th October 2007

Which mp3 player do you use? Not the physical piece of hardware, I am referring to the software on your PC or Mac. I have been using WinAmp since the dark ages, by which I mean nine years ago in 1998. I actually found out about the software while in a Trouble chat room. I was lounging around waiting for someone to jump in and observed a chat between two guys talking about a strange format. The URL came up on the screen and I went ahead and downloaded the software. It was a very late beta version, (0.99) I think (some screen shots through the years) . In any case, since then I have had every version of the software and seen it develop from a basic player, into a media library organiser, CD ripper and visualistion tool. In fact, during my time at college, Pav showed me how to use one of the many plug-ins to convert mp3s into WAV files to be burnt onto CD. Nowadays, the software does all that for you but back in 1999, you had to do it all manually. On Wednesday, I was prompted to download version 5.5, the 10th anniversary addition. Once again, the developers have surpassed themselves with a truly fantastic piece of kit. Sure, some people may swear by Windows Media Player, but I will always remain faithful to the llama. There are numerous new features but there are two which cry out to me. Firstly the ability to display album artwork, secondly the details of the track being play hover in a cloud above the system tray.

Received a strange letter from Arsenal this morning. An invitation to join their membership, “The Arsenal“. Only one thing which is wrong with that, I am already a member and have been since May 2005. I also joined the Season Ticket waiting list, exactly one year before the 2006 Champions League final (in some strange twist of fate). I am going to write back to the football club and explain that I am already a member and concerned why such a administrative error has been made. If they can get something as simple as my membership wrong, how well will they do with the 33001th position I have on the waiting list. Two years down only another thirteen years to go.

Not much planned this weekend, I am going to get up relatively early on Sunday to do some work but apart from that there is not much on. Oh, there is a small case of a World Cup Final, which I will try and catch. I am sure Pav and Charlie will try and get me out to watch the game in Reading.

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