Friday 13th October 2006

I spent some time last weekend and this week, reorganizing my mp3 collection. For too long I have placed all the wide variety of golden oldies into the selective decade of the 1980s. While perhaps for the past few years I could and did get away with this offence to the decades before the hair spray and extra large shoulder pads, I do my music knowledge no favours. Finally, I have realised that there were some thirty years prior to January 1st 1980, some 693 days before I was born. However placing songs into the 50s, 60s and 70s is not easy, even with the help of Wikipedia. I struggle through, taking an educated guess on which songs should remain in the Eighties folder, my decade, the best decade. You would think people online would help you with this labeling, but I suppose I will just have to wait until I next give an update to the Audio page. So do not expect that to change until way after Christmas.

Talking about my music collection, which I often refer to as world famous. Most people smirk when I give it such a boastful introduction but it is one hundred percent certified fact. The majority of people find this web site by searching for the titles of mp3s into Google. Although they usually include the prefix or suffix of free and/or download and are disappointment not to find a URL, FTP or torrent link anywhere in sight. However, some e-mail me requesting songs. While I try my best to service all requests it is not always possible. However, on the rare occasion, there is more to a request than just mere words. It is desire to hear the song once more and perhaps the end of a great hunt, much like searching for the Holy Grail. Well let me introduce you to the Indiana Jones of our story, Craig. I will let him take up the rest of the story.

“I cannot testify to the quality of Teg’s taste in music. I can only recognise that he was the only person on the internet i was able to find who had a copy of “Mademoiselle’s – Do You Love Me”: a rare, but undeniably catchy, white label club track which made a very limited release to the major record stores in late 2000. No shops, internet stores or even the record label had stock of this CD single any longer. Teg stepped in and kindly saved the day. So 6 years after I lost my copy of that track, after much obsessive hunting, after all hope was lost, Teg’s massive CD collection saved the day. Many thanks Teg! A big thanks to Jane for allowing me to use her picture i have attached.”

I considered careful, whether I should or should not include the photograph of Jane, that Craig sent me. In the end I decided against it. The joke was not worth the invasion of privacy. Plus, the image would have scared some of my regular readers. Instead let me focus on yet another job well done. Making another human being happy with the sound of music. Sure it does sound extremely cheesy, but this is the power of the web, and my ever so small contribution.

I took my first moderating job earlier in the week, becoming the second mod over at AZN Students. Initially I will be looking after the University forum, but I hope to move onto other areas once the forum starts growing. So, if you are interested, specifically an Asian student from the UK, go ahead and join. Teg will make you most welcome.

My plans for the weekend are already falling apart but let me fill you in on what is still on the schedule. Will be out in Maidenhead tomorrow night. Pav has a set at a Phatz Bar. I am looking forward to it, as I have not been out on the town for a while. Sunday was originally penciled in as computer backup day for a friend but he has cancelled on me. Only fair, I cancelled on him a few weekends earlier. So I will find something else to do on Sunday. I really need to update the XBox with the latest version of XBMC 2.0 and also sort out my room and have a general tidy up. Thankfully there is a return of club football after a week of so called international football, which is apparently supposed to be a higher standard than your bread and butter Premiership. Really?

I watched most of the Charlotte Church Show when I have been in on a Friday evening. Not much really to write home about, she thinks she is funnier than she is, I am not a fan but Friday night viewing is limited as it is. However the final show in the series had Amy Winehouse, duet with the Welsh starlet perform Michael Jackson’s Beat It. It was much better than I expected. Different but staying true to the original and two female vocalist does give the song a gentle touch, even with Amy’s signature husky voice. (Although a member of the audience has a completely different take on events, three actually!) The guitar solo was even a match for the great Van Halen. Do not believe me? I was so impressed, I have converted the song from mpeg to divx and uploaded to the YouTube. I could not think of a better way to kick off my weekend, than with a live rendition of my all time favourite Michael Jackson track. Who said MJ had lost his crown?

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