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I cannot remember exactly when I first started reading the Savage Chickens cartoon strip. Perhaps in the middle of 2005. I am quite sure it was recommended to me, either online or perhaps even in newsprint. You can view all my Savage Chicken themed posts by searching for the tag. There are three blogs I read daily but only one of those three is only updated on weekdays. The order of my visits is alphabetical but this is purely by chance, rather than by design! ArseBlog, Diamond Geezer and then finally Savage Chickens. The cartoon, though is always the highlight and in some extreme cases, the positive moment of the day. I used to always view Doug’s blog when I got home from work in the evening, but in recent weeks I have subscribed via e-mail, so get a daily Chicken land in my inbox every morning. I am also now following Doug over on Twitter. So what makes these cartoons on traditional bright yellow 3M Post-It Notes so funny and interesting?

They are a reflection on life, if you have ever worked (or currently work) in an office you will sympathise with many of the situations and incidents. Plus Doug also can be very topical when he wants to be – an example is a cartoon not featuring a signature chicken at all, but (soon to be) President Barack Obama. My favourite cartoons have always been about office life and a particular favourite is from the very early days (you will notice the quality of the cartoon is not as neat as you will see now and looks rather rushed) – Life’s An Adventure.

This afternoon I received the official Savage Chickens book and I instantly had work colleagues logging onto the site and adding the blog to their bookmarks. It is a great book and excellent to finally have the finished product in my hand, after reading about it’s production from the author over the past year or so. Particularly as I have followed this Canadian cartoonist from his early days in the first year (2005). Some six years later, the book is published and Mr. Savage is on his way to his dream job of becoming the cartoonist full time. I wish him all the best and I am so glad that every week day there is a fresh cartoon and helps me put my life and this crazy world we live in, into perspective.

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  • Doug Savage Reply

    Thanks Teg! It’s great to hear that you’re still reading after all these years, and that the book is a hit with you and your colleagues! One of the most rewarding things about drawing the cartoons is hearing that they help people put their lives in perspective. You’re so right – it IS a crazy world that we live in! All the more reason to keep laughing at it! Thanks again for the kind words about the chickens,

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