Wednesday 31st August 2005

The last day of August, the last day of summer. Life holds steady. Sure, the summer could have been bigger, brighter, more fun. Yet, what I have achieved? Very little, but I think I have to focus on the future and what is to come. I’m looking forward to the weekend, my Mother and youngest sister return from India. God knows those forty-six days have flown by fast. Life will return to some sort of normality and I can just get on. Catching up with those, I have lost contact with during the holidays will be an important milestone. Giving me the chance to reflect, on what my sister, Samantha, describes as the rest of my life, the 9-5 rat race. Whenever I she speaks those words, I hear the opening lines of Everybody Wants To The Rule The World by Tears for Fears. “Welcome to your life. There’s no turning back. Even while we sleep. We will find you”. Perhaps the best way to describe my weekday existence, if perhaps not as dark and gloomy. Sure, work consumes me, but it does not overwhelm (I try my best to keep my distance). Although, I tend not to look at the whole picture and just focus on today and tomorrow, there is no need to look further.

Sometimes, I feel this blog lacks any purpose. My life is not exactly very interesting, I do not have a grand unusual hobby, or anything compelling to say, in commentary on the world around us. If anything, this blog is just a record of my life, movies I’ve watched, music I’m listening to and occasionally, those big events in my life. Other blogs offer to much more, not just news but great adventure from all around the world.

Talking of which, on Sunday, I’m heading off to Trax at Sliverstone with my super hero friends. The perfect opportunity to reorganize my photo gallery. The latest version of the software I use, is not only more pleasing to the eye, there are more features and options, so I should be able to put together a nice gallery, with a few albums. I will keep my FlickR account, but use it more for the odd, candid shot.

Technorati has already become a useful tool. I have saved a few watch lists, and one would of course be focused on my favourite football club. On Sunday evening, I came across a new blog, Gooner’s World. So what makes this blog different from the others that I read? Well initially the subject of Arsenal was the hook, but after reading a few entries, I discovered the author as a mad MJ fan. Result. To date, I have not found someone to have such a passion for the Gooner’s, the King of Pop and to top it of, is able to put these two very different worlds together on a blog. Give, Terry, credit where it is due. He has only been keeping a blog for a few months and in these relatively early days, I am impressed with not just the quality of the writing, but the content. Happily drifting from Arsenal’s latest signing, to fresh images of Michael, looking healthier since the trial verdict. I’m going to be keeping an eye on this one, and maybe, just maybe I will blog roll it!

My favourite month of the year brings the heavy steam train to Christmas and 2006. Sure, there are minor stops on the way, but generally, life is going to be non-stop. The time will fly by, but every step, gear change and mirror signal manoeuver will be captured here, on my blog. All aboard.

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