Wednesday 20th July 2005

Middle of the week, and the penultimate week of July. Summer is whizzing by fast, yet I see myself being stuck in the autumn, perhaps a-ha were right to sing the lyrics to (Seemingly) Nonstop July. Not sure how to explain how I feel, work is constant, but nothing exciting to report. Outside of work, life is just as dull, if not worse. Nothing new to report I am afraid, life ponders onward, this blog being the only place I can truly try to reflect. While most people decide that December, a month in the summer, or perhaps the month of their birthday is their favourite, my choice is slightly different. The latest (and perhaps final) single from Green Day’s album American Idiot is entitled, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”. I feel the complete opposite to this song title. September will always be my favourite month, with the children back at school, the summer, slowly drawing in. I suppose the fact that it means a clean slate and a fresh start, it has found a special place in my heart. Suppose, I was different, I enjoyed the idea of going back to school. Unlike everyone else around me.

This blog tries to steer clear of any political discussion, it has a place on other blogs for the more intellectual minds of our time. Yet, there are times, that politicians from any walk of life, persuasion and background say things that put you into a state of disbelief. While I could dedicate this page (and many more) to George, I feel it is his Defence Secretary, who is the true, jewel in the crown. The Poetry of DH Rumsfield reads like a talented artist, trapped inside the body of man, wishing he was doing something else. (Perhaps changing the world with his words, rather than his countries actions?) Who knows, I thought I would just share it with you. The Unknown poem, while at first reading appears to be a muddle, makes perfect sense, if you remember to pause at the right moments. Perhaps because it is so blinding obvious, it staggers belief that someone would go to the length to actual make it one of their trademark sound bites!

Thanks to Sibtain, who has carefully edited my Guestbook page, you are no longer able to leave entries. The main reason for this is the level of spam I had been receiving on a weekly basis had reached an alarming level. I could not spare the energy to go in and remove these entries manually almost every other day. Gratefully there is no more spam. While we are on the subject, I was trying to think of suitable punishments for spammers. Torture with Cliff Richard records, played back to back? Any useful suggestions are always welcome and will be passed on to the relevant authorities.

Going to catch yet another installment of superhero action on Friday night, with my friend Pav, at the Vue in Reading. Although for a change my expectations are considerably lower, as I am not a major fan of the franchise, even if the the cartoon in the mid 1990s was something I would never miss! Perhaps because even though X-Men was the better action adventure animated series, the closely knit team of the FF, was more enjoyable to watch.

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