Wednesday 1st January 2003

I would like to wish all visitors to my site, both old and new, best wishes and great success for the coming new year. So, looking back at 2002, and looking forward with great optimism to 2003. The previous year, has been fantastic. At the end of 2001, which had been quite a bad year, I looked forward to 2002, with a great sense of hope, shared with many of my friends. As usual, my ‘significant’ blueprints for the coming months, fell by the wayside. That is not to mean, that the year didn’t pan out a success. To the contrary, it surpassed all expectations and I find myself, unable to comprehend at times, my luck and how I have been able to bring success from my circumstances. But we must remember, that Success is a journey… not a destination. Timing, is everything, especially in music. On Tuesday 31st December, I woke up, early (for a change) to go shopping. It was 8.53am. While having my breakfast, I skipped across the various music channels on digital satellite. I switched to VH1 Classics, and heard a over familiar song intro. This took me back to Thursday 28th November (see Saturday 30th November update) Indeed, it was Kirsty MacColl, with “A New England”. For the first time, I was actually able to pay close attention to both the video and song lyrics, which by now I knew fluently. Then, from the Number 7 track, from 1985, we fast forwarded 11 years, to 1996 and my favourite Robbie Williams song, “Old Before I Die”. For my Robbie Williams’, all time top ten, check my Top Ten page. With regards to site updates, photographs and links pages have new additions. Plus, I will be going over all pages, to ensure that they are all up-to-date. Plus, a new page discussing the Music of today.

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