Wednesday 18th May 2005

After several years of thinking about it, talking about it and evening dreaming about it, I did it. I summed up the courage to head over to and join the club. The main prize of course is a season ticket to the new Emirates stadium, but the journey to that Mecca is long and not without struggle. This is all part of the corporate plans of a PLC, to stop too many people coming to watch a football club. So, each stage of the process involves more money being chastised out of your wallet. While football has gone from a working class game into the multi billion dollar business, with a handful of millionaires at the top, I have no grudge to pay for entertainment. I hope and pray that somehow I can get my hands on a season ticket, sooner rather than later.

Regular readers of this blog, will know my detest for Monday morning. Though, there are certain special moments that get me through. This week, it was a little help from my friends, via e-mail, and even MSN Messenger. Simple, how just some words from a friend can change your day. I do not want to give the impression that I spend all day idle gossip, on the IM service. It helps to ease the burden of a busy day on the helpdesk. Particularly when in recent times the daily tussle has become such a standard strain.

Bought some hangers, on eBay on Monday. No, this is not due to my workplace boredom. I felt this was the ideal time to replace all my wire hangers with fresh brand new sturdy wooden hangers for the whole household. I think, eighty should do it. Consequently, last week was my first year anniversary of opening my account. In that time I have done far more purchasing than selling, gaining six feedback stars. Therefore to increase my use of the world famous brand, I have decided upon a new challenge. I will not make any purchases, until I have the clear funds in my PayPal account. Therefore I need to do some major selling before getting around to buying some items that are on my wish list. So, some DVDs and VHS will be heading out of the door. Been looking around but there is little else of value that I could legally sell. If you have any ideas, please get in touch. I would gladly appreciate your suggestions.

After weeks of persuasion from Nav, I finally step over the ledge and downloaded MSN 7. However, I am strictly getting a feel for the software on my work PC before taking the final step of installing on my home PC. I never beta software, particularly for Microsoft, of all software houses. Most of my techie friends have been using it for months, but I never went beyond 6.2. There was little need, because I make great use of MSN Plus! which does everything I need. I had downloaded the executable at work, last week and it had been lying in my Downloads folder for days, until today, when I took that major step. Sure, some of the little touches are cute, but I doubt they will have ever lasting appeal. My full review will come in due course.

Months before this blog started, I went to see Attack Of The Clones, at the then, Warner Village cinema in Leicester. It was my second year at University and I was disappointed with the overall response from my friends to go and see the sci-fi classic. So, one afternoon, I think it was 16th May, I went across to watch the movie on my own. I know this sounds pathetic, but I was not willing to wait around. I had an entire row to myself and although disappointed in my lack of company, I had Yoda and the other Jedi Knights. Just before the main battle scene at the end, I had a thought, which I wish I could have transmitted to my friend, Pav at that very instant. I was thinking to myself, we have never seen the Master in a light sabre battle. Within a second, George answered my call. Amazing. Once again, on Friday night at 10.15pm, I will be heading to the cinema, on my own. On this occasion it will be the local FlimWorks, which although out of favour, is local, expensive but nevertheless, a five minute hassle free walk away. Prepare yourself for the final installment, my final review on the saga, in the early hours of Saturday morning.

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