Wednesday 16th June 2004

I start work on Monday. Although, somewhat nervous, apprehensive and generally daunted by the prospect of this new position in the City, I am trying to build up some confidence. I have been crawling around various websites, reading up the all important advice to make sure my first day goes swimmingly. It was during this search, that I came across this humorous site. Unless you have have never worked in your life so far, you will have come across the concept of Office Politics. Described by some as the underworld of work, this is indeed the campaign of murmurings from the tea lady to the company director that can bring with it, both promotion, demotion and the P45. All on the basis of what is said, to whom and when. This site, is hilarious. I was on the floor, when I read the Induction entry from the HR Horrors sections. So please read some of this website, because you will discover that sometimes the truth hurts and sometimes it is plainly hysterical. Every aspect of working life is covering from appraisals to company cars to technology. Just make sure you visit in your lunch hour, and not when the boss is pressing you for that report, you were supposed to submit last week. Then again, you might want some practical advice on surviving, office politics in the workplace. Plenty there, to make sure you moving in the right direction. Have I made the right decision? Well, I should be able to answer that with some confidence, next week. Give me time.

I bought the England home shirt today. My previous English shirts have included, the European Championships home shirt from 1996 and 2000. Then the home shirt for France 98. I particularly like this new shirt, because it is reversible and was quite good value for money. Shall be wearing with pride tomorrow afternoon! Will England, do the business against the unpredictable Swiss? Of course, have the Arsenal away shirt from last season and the home shirt from the 2001 season.

Not much else to report at the moment, I’m afraid. Although, I have updated the Audio page for the first time in over two months. I have come across some interesting blogs, via which uses the London Underground tube network, as away of categorizing all the capital blogs. There have been some unique and creative blogs, but nothing jumping out at me, to warrant inclusion on my blog roll. Having said that, I still need to spend more time going through the site. So far, I have only concentrate on tube stations I have used in the past week or so. If you come across any blogs that you suggest I take a peek at, I will be more than happy to do so. Just drop me an e-mail please.

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