Tuesday 5th April 2005

What are your views on BMW drivers? I have to be careful with my response, as my good friend, Pav is the proud owner of two! Well the Answer comes from the Bank. There is a sound reason why we hate them. I had a run in myself on Monday morning, down the by-pass, but for once, I had (indirectly) the last laugh. A black 3 series saloon was pushing the road to the limit and overtook me at high speed. I thought it best to make the most of this high speed driver clearing the road ahead. Keeping my distance, I accelerated to catch him up (if I can ever realistically do anything but chase a Beemer!) Then, as the traffic cleared, I looked in my rearview mirror and saw the most magnificent sight. There are few machines that can be as beautiful as a woman. Nothing beats the figure of a fine lady, but there are some exceptions. Being a gentleman of the road, I pulled to the side in good time and let the driver of this classic automobile overtake me. His target was the BMW and I took so much joy, watching the Beemer driver squirm at the monstrous presence of a Aston Martin DB9. Instantly, he pulled out of the way, to let the super car pass, knowing all too well that he had just been given a taste of his own medicine. Revenge is a dish best served cold. We love it when a hero comes along and beats the villain in the end! 😉

Came home on Monday evening to watch some much needed music television. VH1 were having a battle of the decades, the Eighties versus the Nineties. For me, you would think it would be an easy call. The time of my birth, but there are reasons why it was never going to be such a simple split second decision. A song from 1999 came on, with a familiar introduction, so I put the volume up and sat down to watch the video. Nothing spectacular, but a feel good anthem, with a fun no nonsense video. Although I did not like them to begin with, in time I was converted and was even saddened at their departure from the music scene a few years later. I am talking about the boy band, 5ive. The video was Keep On Moving (as featured on 8th videos on 5ive USA). This event started a chain reaction with me longing to listen to boy bands on my journey into work the following morning. Now just where did I put my Drive Time album?

With the election less than a month away, we are under the invasion. The blog invasion, with even BBC News Online getting a piece of the action. Diamond Geezer pools everything together. Though I think I will be switching between the Beeb and the Guardians very own election blog. Not sure if all this news and analysis will be digested by the public (who are at the end of the day ‘boss’) I think I’m looking forward to Crick’s Chopper every night on Newsnight. Which brings me onto the worst words in the political world. Surely there are more grimmer ways for us to have some revenge on our elected representatives. Someone much darker, must keep them awake at night. Perhaps the greatest enemy to the Corporation is one man and his blog.

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