Tuesday 30th December 2003

Two full days of 2003 left, and this one is quickly passing me by with no thought that the year ahead is to be one of the toughest I have faced, in four years. Now thinking about it, perhaps even six years, because although my A Level exams where important, my GCSE’s where a much more significant milestone!

I have to admit that I have been playing my XBox quite frequently, recently. It does come useful, when you have a few hours spare before the final Premiership game of 2003. Of all the reasons to like GTA Vice City, I have to admit mine is quite vague. The 80s setting and the soundtrack make the game exceptionally different from others in the same genre. Particularly when they include hits such as ‘Out Of Touch‘ by Hall & Oates and also the mega smash ‘Billie Jean’. I have also been trying my hand at Project Gotham Racing 2. I have never been the best player of computer games. As those who witness my trashing on Super Mario Kart on the N64 will recall. I would usually come last, and occasionally 3rd. Only if one of my mates had made a major mistake. My advice to you is this is not the best way to spend the time before and in between lectures. What happens is that you keep giving you unlimited amounts of ‘5 minutes’ and then have a race against time to get to your lecture in time! However, I am sure with time and patience, I will make slow progress on the racing game and up the Kudos roster.

As most of you will be aware, I am fan of the BBC Fame Academy Show. It began with the first show, and I was impressed with the format, as it had more creditability than the rival ITV Popstars and included an element of Big Brother. I blogged about it here. The show this year had a different format, which although I disliked, proved quite successful. Instead of having three students on ‘probation’, all students sang for their place in the academy. The prize, how can I not mention the prize. The life of a popstar for a year. Something money cannot buy, no matter how much success fame brings you. Overall the quality was extremely high, and much better than rival ITV Pop Idol. Some 10 months from first mentioning the show in my blog, I was doing it again, in August. My favourite student was Alistair Griffin. He has the quality of being of those guys that you instantly call your friend. His song writing ability was only surpassed by his singing talent. Winning, every weeks song writing competition. I wanted to link to the Official Fan Site dedicate to up and coming popstar, but they have removed their banner. So I will wait until then. I have heard Griffin’s first single and have to admit I am impressed, with ‘Bring It On’. A catchy, uplifting song about facing the challenges ahead. Indeed we shall, we shall…

May 2003 – [Blog Entries]

The month began with great responsibility. There will come a point in your life, when you are called upon. Called upon with great honour to forefill a part of your destiny. There is a saying that “Time waits for no man…”. I personally I think this is incorrect. I believe that, “Destiny waits for no man…” When you are called, you go. You do your utmost best, no matter what the circumstances are to prove yourself, to prove those doubters wrong. To show that those who had done you wrong, shall never deter you from seeking the truth and finding joy in the happiness of others. This fine day belong to my long time school friend David Jones. If you had asked me ten years ago, if DJ would be the first of the Lansdowne Crew to get hitched, I would laughed. It was total incomprehensible. Even now, it sounds strange, almost alien to say, Dave is married!” I was there and I was his best man. A favour you ultimately have to return, but in my case, I think I will be the exception.

Another highlights of this month, I had a week off work, spending working on my second Placement assignment. With regards to my website, I smashed the 2000 visitor mark. Interesting, as the site has just smashed the 3000 barrier a few days ago. Overall a great month for me. My placement was drawing to an end, and summer had become a truly sweet prospect.

Tracks of the month:
Sonique – Can’t Make Up My Mind
Q Mix – Eye Of The Tiger v Fill Me In (Survivor v Craig David)
R Kelly – Ignition (Remix)
Foundation – All Out Of Love

June 2003 – [Blog Entries]

This month started me with installed Windows XP Pro on my PC. There was also the entertainment of seeing the second installment of The Matrix trilogy. My website was tweaked slighty, but I was still trying to find the best design for the new site. It was still sometime before I would begin construction on the new site. A quiet month in contrast to the one before and very little to write about in my blog. I recall two England internationals, as they continue to qualify for Euro 2004 in Portugal.

Tracks of the month:
Melanie C – Northern Star
Jennifer Ellison – Baby, I Don’t Care

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