Tuesday 1st January 2008

With a new year, comes great promise. Quite a substantial amount of work too, behind the scenes here at T3G:2 to reorganise the archives. I thought I would make use of this time to give the pages a little clear up with some more suitable renaming. It had to be done, updates from 2004, does not sound like an ‘update’ post if it took place over four years ago. However, considering I am into my sixth year of blogging I am seriously considering a move away from HTML hard coding to a database solution. The only problem is making sure I can somehow ‘import’ my current blog into a database. Something worth investigating in greater detail later in the year. This was the first time since 2004 that I spent NYE at home. My friends had made plans for a house party over in Reading but due to circumstances beyond our control, these plans fell through late last week. The other option was to go out clubbing in Reading itself. Mango had tickets for their party at £15, which while expensive, I did not mind going if my friends were going to make the effort also. In the end, no text or phone call came, so apart from a brief glimpse around 6pm, of heading into London with my cousin-in-law and the guests we had around, I resolved myself to the fact that I would be spending the night in. It was not too bad, watching coverage of the fireworks in London. A better view from my sofa than Diamond Geezer. Perhaps I should rethink my plans of being in the capital on Wednesday 31st December 2008. When I first began drafting this post around 2am, I was badly struggling for topics for discussion. Right now, at 6pm, I am overflowing with ideas and wondering if I will fit them all in and keep my faithful readers interested. Well I will ponder on but I apologise in advance if I lose you. Back in February 2004 I wrote a long posting about various musings on my mind at the time but the penultimate paragraph is where I want to focus on today. To cut an extremely long story short, I obtained the song, Sitam by Amar by requesting my friend DJ Kim Boss at radio station Yaar (before the major cull) to play the song and I recorded on my PC. The result was a poor quality recording on par with AM radio but it was better than nothing. Then on Friday 23rd March last year, disaster struck. My secondary hard drive failed, and I lost all my mp3s and video recordings. I was gutted and even several attempts at recovery failed, so I had to admit defeat. Completely format the drive and start again, reverting to my mp3 backup from 2003. However, I did not give up hope on one day finding the CD or perhaps being able to download the mp3 from somewhere, somehow. For some strange reason early last month I was curious and started searching for the song on YouTube. It was then I stumbled upon this video. The video was not really that important, it was the comment from MrClamSmaka. I e-mailed him, wondering if he had been able to get hold of the song on 5th December but he did not get back to me until Sunday. Anthony had been hunting down the song for years and actually found it on CD. However, like me he had had a computer crash and lost all his data. Thankfully he had made a backup to CD and once he found the file would send it to me. Like clockwork this morning I received the mp3 file in crystal 192kbps quality. Woo hoo! The search, which had began with the film Bend It Like Beckham in 2002 comes to some closure finally now some six years later. Ironically I have also been blogging for that long. Before I get carried away with plans for this year, I thought I would quickly cover the highlights of 2007. Looking back I have to pinch myself on all the amazing things I did. The highlight would have to be meeting the Ama sisters. Yet, there was so much more. Being at all the big main events at Wembley. The Community Day, the Under 21 match against Italy (cracking 3-3 draw), the return of Becks to the international fold against Brazil and then a month later Concert for Diana with my sisters. My first ever camping experience, a weekend in Cornwall, Global Gathering music festival. My friend Sachin got married and there was the reunion with my old friends from middle school, most of whom I had not seen in nearly fourteen years. All against a backdrop of some fabulous songs and music videos. I was going through my Zen last night and watching all the brilliant songs from the year. I am sure the more observant among you will have noticed. I updated my Yahoo! avatar the other day to reflect my planned holiday. I better start packing getting all my bits together. Finding a few spare minutes to watch my Go Ski DVD would be a good idea as well.

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