Tuesday 18th December 2007

I have been a fan of blogs at the Beeb for a while (look back to late March last year). However, I am totally addicted to the BBC Internet blog as it celebrates ten years of the corporation web services, giving an insight into the development hurdles faced to bring the Beeb online. The most interesting article (so far) was posted today by the man that registered the BBC dot co dot uk domain name. Funny how you do not think that the site which I use as my homepage (as I am sure millions of other people do across the planet) actually did start somewhere. Only occasionally do I go back and look at old pages that I linked to from 2002 in my blog but the Beeb web presence, started long before then. The BBC Internet Blog is a fantastic read and I must say for the true techie, it is reverting. The added weight of having contributions from all the big hitters from the Future Media team. Typical, just as you get into a television series (okay, a few months late) and spend a whole week playing catch up, you discover that the show has been cancelled and the thirteen episode stint maybe the last. I watched episode twelve tonight (after the football) and it was fantastic. Such a shame there will not be a second series, most likely because it is not macho enough and the body count is low!

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