Tuesday 17th August 2004

For the first time in several months, I do not know what to write in my blog. Trying to find a tangible reason for the lack of eagerness to write, I discover quite frankly that it is due to the simply fact that nothing interesting has been happening to be recently. The summer is drawing on, yet I have very little to report. Life is very monotonous at the moment, but I do not mind. The train comes down the line, I go to work, I come home. The destination is the weekend, yet before I know where I’ve been or where I am going, the train pulls up again to take me back on that journey, that is working week.

Time for a small confession. Over the past week and two days weeks, I have only caught the bus to the train station four times. Who is to blame for my reason spout of laziness? Well, I have to blame the radio. Forcing myself to listen to Clive Bull on LBC, late into the night means, I only drift into natural sleep around midnight. As a consequence, I find it extremely difficult to get up in time, to be ready for the 326 at 6.09am. Having said that, as the service is only into the bus station, I do cut a fine line to catch the first train to London, which leaves at 6.39am. Whether or not I make the train is a matter of luck? Maybe luck just has not been on my side in recent days, weeks or even months?

The Olympics started in Athens on Friday. I am not a big fan of the Games and I never have been to be quite honest. Nothing there really appeals to me and it should be a hundred percent amateur tournament, rather than having some professional events. The Olympic dream has died. A young athlete should see the Games as the highlight of a career, and the moment to bridge the gap from being an amateur, and then becoming a professional. Is my judgment unrealistic? Let Diamond Geezer proudly Let The Games Begin. To something slightly more important that started at the weekend also. Arsenal began the new BarclaysPremiership season very much as they ended the last one. For a full match report and the latest news, please go and read, the one, the only, the incredible, Arse Blog. Make sure you let him know, I sent you! 😉

I think may have to add a disclaimer and a health warning to my blog. This does sound rather extreme, but some of my links can be highly hazardous to your health. Particularly, when you find a treasure, such a movie script and then waste away three hours reading it. We’ve all done it. I did the same when I discovered the original script for Back To The Future. What a wonderful way, to waste away three hours…

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