Tuesday 16th November 2004

I am surprised to discover that there are some people who can blog first time. By this I mean they can open up Microsoft Notepad (or any third party alternative) or login to Blogger write their piece. Upload. Done. These are the raw blogs, directly from the heart. Providing the purest of emotion. Then there are the rest of us. Those of us, who have to check, double and triple check. Then re-read and get a friend or family member to read (not always appropriate). Then running a full spell check (not always the best thing to do) only to discover several links are wrong and a variety of sentences do not make sense. On a personal note, I tend to avoid blogging on certain occasions. Writing nothing more than the date in my editor, only to find myself lost for words on how to describe the events of the past few days. It must all boil down to one fact. Some of us have it. Some of us obviously do not. For those that have, blogging must be a completely different experience. They see their blog as an extension of their life, and not the reason for their semi-celebrity existence.

Did you watch five on Sunday night? If you did, you were lucky enough to see T3: Rise Of The Machines premiere on terrestrial television. If anyone out there can explain to me how a film, only released last summer, can been shown on the small screen so soon, I would be utmost grateful. What happened to the standard four year wait?

Have you heard it? I was listening to Steve Wright In The Afternoon while carrying out the laborious of reinstalling Windows XP on the family computer. (Yes, I finally got around to this task, after months of discussion and nervousness!) I came back into my room, to check for a driver on the net. Then Steve pronounced the arrival of the record. I stopped to listen. My hope slowly turned into anger. I would not go as far as Pop Justice that the song will mean more children will die, because less teenagers will purchase the track. (That is something that has come to be standard in the irrelevant world of this music blog). My personal view is they tried too hard to match the potency of the original twenty year old track. The fact the project was so rushed and less polished clearly shows in the end product. I would even go to on a limb and say that the second version released in 1989 is better than this one. When I listen to the original, it has a mellow feel that is missed from other Christmas songs. The other seasonal numbers warm the heart and bring back fond memories of your childhood on that special day. The only way to put everything back into perspective, you would put the record breaking single onto your stereo, pondering how lucky you are to be where you are. The Dizzie Rascal rap in the middle of the track, is completely unnecessary and a joke. When has there ever been rapping on a Christmas single? It appears that I am not the only one whom festers such negative feedback.

Then again, having said all that. What would I know? My favourite Christmas song is “I Love Christmas” by the Fast Food Rockers.

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