Tuesday 10th August 2004

This morning felt more like dreary September, than the early August. Yet, I battled through the cold rain to get to the my bus stop and get to work on time. There was little disruption to the Chiltern Railways network but colleagues informed me of the difficulties on other parts of the National Rail network. I thought today was going to be, one of those days. In the end, it was never as bad as I had imagined. The day passed off with no incident, well the working day at least. As I headed home, the sun was shining and there was an unfamiliar optimism in the air. Everything is cool again. Even if that is also reference to finding a seat on the air conditioned Chiltern Turbo, for the journey home. Home is a step closer, when you pull up at High Wycombe station. Not quite Grand Central but it is my journey to work ends and begins.

People often ask me about my television viewing habits. There are strictly only three things I watch on television, football, some news and Eastenders. The soap is on the rare occasion mentioned on this blog and I do at times, try to comment on some of the things going on. (Most notably, 1st March, last year.) You may recall a recent comic story line, of an outstanding video rental fine. There are some moments in the show, which have me in stitches. This was a case in point, when newly appointed Billy Mitchell decided to check the outstanding rentals and total up some fines. Den Watts rented Porky’s 2: The Next Day in February 1988. (A film which was already 5 years old, at the time of rental). Billy came up with a unbelievable fine of £9,000. This equates to just over a £10 a week for the VHS tape. Curious, I e-mailed Blockbuster for some clarity on the terms of their fine system.

No time, in this current entry, but I will quickly briefly mention that I saw The Ring on Saturday night, followed by the movie, Orange County late on Sunday evening. Reviews to be added shortly, including my views on two other films, also recently screened on Sky. Should be catching, iRobot at the cinema tomorrow evening. Still hoping to catch Thunderbirds before they go!

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