Thursday 3rd May 2007

As I drove to my piano lesson in Thame last night, I headed towards the sun, setting over in the North West. It was quite a picture postcard scene, with the sun just above the Oxfordshire chalk hills. As I turned around and came back just under three hours later, I followed the bright full moon home. This time in the opposite direction. If I had my camera with me, I would have take photographs of both these heavenly bodies. However, in the space of my 8th lesson (yes, 8th!) I came to realise the importance to enjoy the sight of such everyday wonders. You never know when you will be gone, to never see them again. Potentially three days without Internet access as I head down to the South West coast, to stay in a friend’s cottage for the weekend. I am looking forward to it, particularly as I have never been to that part of the world before. The itinery is already semi-sorted, due to postings over on Pav’s forum. I am heading over directly from work. I say work, I am actually going to be Gerrard’s Cross, at a client site training. The plan is as follows but I will report back early next week on how close I kept to the master plan. I head over to Nige’s garage. Pav should be there ahead of me. I hand over my car and parts and perhaps take a few final ‘before’ photos. Then the car is the safe hands of Pro Installations. I will pick up the car as soon as I get back, with Matt planning to do the preparation work Friday night and the installation across the weekend. Then I will head over to Pav’s place in the trusty Rover, get changed and we head over to CostCo. Then, sometime around 7pm we will hit the road. It will take us around three and half hours to get to Looe. Pav has also hunted down a Vue cinema for me in Plymouth, so I can still enjoy the Pearl & Dean music before Spiderman 3. Normally the superhero flick (my second favourite after Superman) would be the highlight of any other weekend. But as you are beginning to realise, this is not any other weekend. I will take my camera everywhere and constantly be taking photos, so I have the perfect photograph from 5th May to upload to FlickR. We might come back Sunday evening or Monday, really depends how we all feel and what we get up to. Been a highly emotional charged week for myself and I feel I should apologise. Apologise first, to my many close friends, to whom I am sure I have been an extra burden. I know I have been stupid, I know I have been thoughtless. I know I have been crucially careless. So here I find myself, late on Thursday evening, hoping and praying that tomorrow morning, I can turn it all around. I am not a magician, I am not a super hero, I confess my powers are limited. However, I have to believe that I have the ability to change certain things and be less bothered by those that I cannot. We shall see what news tomorrow may bring. My second and final apology, goes to you but hopefully sometime tomorrow morning you will get the message and get in touch.

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