Thursday 16th September 2004

It has been a while. Any prolonged break from my site, usually equates to many things going on in my life. Although this is not strictly the case, I feel obliged to explain my absence and fill in some of the gaps. My hours at work have been extended, so I am now working 8am until 6pm, which in reality means I leave the house at 6am and get back around 8pm. This new regime has only been in force since last week, but I am already feeling the strain. Not only is the week much longer, the day is just more physically demanding. By the time I get home and eat, it is very much time for bed. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? I am sure there is, for I have been here before and perseverance is the key.

This will be a rare weekday update for at least the for seeable future. Neglecting my blog is one of the few things I hate doing. Mainly because I want to record as much of my life (or events of my life) and as frequently as possible. This hit home sharply when I was indolently looking back at entries from last year. It was yesterday, last year when I moved into Sheffield Street, Leicester for my final year at University. Even now it feels like that was in a previous life. What takes me back in an instant, is the occasional brief e-mail from my old housemates coming to the end of their courses. The reflect aspect of the blog will be taken to another level, as time passes. It will be amazing, to be able to look back on four, eight even twelve years of my life on paper. (Have I been self indulgent enough now?)

What have you been up to? I went to see The Terminal on Sunday evening. I had little expectation but this movie showed great promise and brought me some warmth, with the flickering light entertainment. I would highly recommend you go and watch it, particularly when I tell you that, I was going to watch, Dodgeball. It is funny how when decisions are made for you, they do actually make sense in the end. Even if you feel somewhat bewildered to begin with.

Hoping to begin work on my next major web project in the next few weeks but with work taking up most of my time, I am not sure when I will get started. I also lack the creative inspiration that is always important when embarking on something new. What is the best way of selling yourself, without seeming too confident, even arrogant yet still aiming to demonstrate the power of your strengths and underline the insignificant of the few weaknesses that we all possess?

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