Thursday 16th March 2006

Apparently in my review of the best geek watches of all time, a week ago, Hussein informs me that I missed out one of the big contenders. The Fossil Wrist Watch. Hope this inclusion, makes him happy. The Sky TV guide has changed with the music channels moving over to a new start of 340 instead of 440. It feels rather strange punching in that number onto the Sky Remote. Thankfully I have used this opportunity to reprogramme the Favourites, although even now still tend not to use them. Came in this evening to see a suspiciously looking small black plastic bag on my desk. Then I realised what it was and quickly opened it up. I am sure by now you have seen the adverts featuring Ben Affleck on television. If not, where have you been? A copy can be seen here on Visit4Info. The Lynx (or more commonly know internationally as Axe) commercials have improved over the last few years, but my favourite still remains, the guy and the bar dancing along with the two girls. Put it down to a bit of a personal fantasy. Moving swiftly on, perhaps I should use the Clicker on a night out. I am out in Windsor next Friday (24th) but something tells me that I won’t end up in a club and more importantly with not register a single ‘look’ or should that be ‘take’ on my portable hand counter.

Lynx Counter

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